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Occurred : 3/15/2004 20:00 (Entered as : 2yrs ago 20:00)
Reported: 4/12/2006 9:08:13 AM 09:08
Posted: 5/15/2006
Location: Adelaide (South Australia),
Shape: Formation
Duration:1-3 hrs
ive got three different cases to report.

The first involved 2 silver craft that were so high up one had to strain their eyes to see them but when the two other s present did track them we witnessed incredible aerial manouveres that involved acceleration and coordination beyond known aircraft capabilities.

I rang the news stations with precise coordinates but it was a joke to them.

This spurred me to buy a cam corder and we [my partner and approximately 15-20 neighbours] witnessed a display by approximately 6 orange balls of light.

They created formations and this was taped [poorly] I freaked and am embarrased by my prattling as i ran out of focusing was poor and the footage does not do the experience justice.

Third time was a ball of light witnessed by my partner and myself in the early morning hours [daylight] on a weird drissly weaved in and out of the rain cloud and rapidly ascended into the cloud cover.

The fourth was by myself when i was in the backyard of relatives house in london[holidays with fam] sucking back a ciggarette and firewirks were going off all around from fourth of july... it was awesome and i was taking it all in and watching the endless circles the planes were making overhead... some cloud but was irregular and not still visible and dark... i think 9 pm.

I saw something orange and lots of them... it was approximately 30 balls of light in a v formation flying perfectely without changing position and banking away from me.

It all happened so quickly as they passed into the cloud cover.

Im tired of telling people about my experiences and being labelled as a freak.

I dont care if anybody believes this...i have really researched all this and i think half of it is military and the rest is a mix of really bad and just downright quantamly confusing...with emphasis on quantum.

coming from south australia my only outlet is colin norris whom i visited and have talked to when it all becomes overwhelming and i think...why am i seeing this although i choose to and that ithink is part of the answer.

here it is in a nut shell... are we going to visit another planet in the flesh soon???... i dont think so.

WHY?..because we are just not mature enough, not while all this crap is happening in the world and you all know what im talking about....

Take a good look at roswell and colonel corso....heavy quantum stuff to challenge your perceptions, throw in the philadelphia experiment and a couple of nukes and whalla youve got altered time lines with dimensional disturbances....lets put the spotlight on earth scenario in a negative light we arent going anywhere.

I wanto to know the truth about the draconians and there com[padres the grays.

What happened to the scorpian and the thresher on their quest to find the gatewayto middle earth.

Whats the story with the most recent nasa tether incident???...

and the list of endless questions go on with few answers sprinkled with a unhealthy dose of disinformation.

So thats where im at after seeing these things.

No more lies i want the truth.