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Occurred : 9/4/2004 11:00 (Entered as : 09/2004 11:00)
Reported: 4/9/2006 12:12:23 AM 00:12
Posted: 5/15/2006
Location: Murrieta, CA
Shape: Triangle
Duration:3:00 minutes
Dim Luminous Large Triangle / Grouped Lights

Hi Art I was just listening to your show and felt compelled to write you.

I have two different events to share with you.

First off, some background on myself. I own my CNC machining business. Have been a race engine builder for years. Worked with GM for years. Studied astronomy, physics and engineering. Very down to earth person. I don't look for phenomena, but have always had a major interest in the natural world. I quest for knowledge in all my endeavors. I not easily swayed, I seek facts and details.

I could go further, but that being said, here's my events.

September 04; I was driving home from my shop ~ 11:00 pm. I turned right on Jefferson from Date Street heading north. It was a warm night and I enjoy the solitude of the night sky. I had the drivers window down and was glancing up to view the night sky and stars as I normally do. A dim luminous object in the sky caught my eye at about 11:00 above and to my slightly forward left. I had to look out the window and look almost straight up to see this object. I drove almost two miles to Murrieta Hot Springs road while slowing and viewing this object. While driving the object never moved from it's position in the sky. The object was the size of my thumbnail at arms length. To not alter it's position in the sky over two miles horizontal on the ground says something of the height and size of this object.

The object was exactly triangle in shape. It's luminosity was about a 10 watt bulb viewed from across a large room with an old lampshade covering the light. It was a dull brown/gold in color. It had a distinuished dark band that outlined the perimeter and appeared to be darker than the moonless night sky. However the most strange element of this sighting was what appeared to be the underside, the side I could see. The surface seemed to be in turmoil. I would describe it as what you would see on a TV set with a screen full of snow on a channel without programming.

I pulled over just before I got to Murrieta Hot Springs Road to grab my camera in my glove box. I just got back from Lake Mead with my boys and had not yet turned in the disposable camera for developing. I stopped my truck while still watching the object. In the time it took me to reach over to my glove box for the camera and look back out to take a picture, the object was gone. I was standing outside the truck with a complete view of the sky and saw no hint of the object anywhere.......

I had not noticed any sound. The object appeared to be very close to me, but with the distance I traveled and the object maintaining it's position in the sky, it had to be very large and very high.

February 2006; I was again driving home late at night, ~12:00 a.m. from my shop. My girlfriend was with me at this time. We were heading north on I-15. Just pass California Oaks off ramp, we both noticed a very bright light hovering just above the horizon about NW, 10:30 from our position. It was very strange in that there was no traffic in our direction. No lights ahead and one set of lights very far behind us. Very unusual for the busy I-15. We commented on the brightness of the lights. Like they were pointed right at us. They were brighter than any aircraft lights I've ever seen. But there were 3 together but distinctly separate. We thought it may be a helicopter. It moved ever so slightly towards us, maintaining it's altitude. We continued to comment on the strangeness. As we approached Bundy Canyon, the object seemed to start to draw a bead on us. Again there was oddly no other traffic in our direction, but a sporadic car passing on the opposite side heading south.

As we passed Bundy the object was now even with us and within a 1/4 mile to the direct West of us and falling slightly behind us, say to the 8:00 position. It's altitude was maybe 200'. It then turned and maintained running parallel to our direction exactly off at 9:00. It maintained that distance for ~ 1/4 mile, then moved in to us. It continued to fly directly over the truck. I become very uneasy and speed up to around 100 mph, because I felt like it may hit us. It flew directly above us for maybe a 1/2 mile and then started to veer off to the East and disengaged slowly. I could not see it off the passenger side except for just a couple of glimpses. My girlfriend continued to eye it. She said it then shot off to the East at an extremely high rate of speed. Faster than a jet she said.

Strange facts: NO noise. This object made absolutely NO noise, even flying about 100' above us.

Three aircraft type landing lights up front and two of the same type lights in the assumed "Rear" of the object.

NO traditional navigation lights or strobes.

And the most amazing aspect of all is that there was no visible body. We could not make out any physical type of structure to the object. NO wings, NO fuselage, NO body. Just lights and void between the lights. Even as the object came over head, we could not see any type of body. The object did appear to be circular only becuase of the way the lights were positioned.

I would estimate the size to be maybe 20' to 30'.

I figured you may like to add these sightings to what ever compilation you may have.

Thank you

((NUFORC Note: Witness indicates that the date of the event is approximate. PD))