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Occurred : 3/22/2006 23:00 (Entered as : 03/22/06 23:00)
Reported: 3/22/2006 9:14:52 PM 21:14
Posted: 5/15/2006
Location: Kokomo, IN
Shape: Light
Aircraft or Flares? Two flickering balls of light hovering for hours.

For the past two nights around 10 pm, there have been a number of light formations appearing in the west sky. At first I thought they were flares being dropped, but then after they kept re-appearing I noticed how they did not behave like free falling flares would. They did not decend in the least bit and their glow dwarfed the tiny flickering of aircraft that appeared off an on in the same area. I also realized that there was no military base in that area. They did appear like flares would though- simultaneously igniting and then vanishing in the same order and timing sequence in which they appeared- so they could just be a special type of training flare that would behave differently or parachute slower... but the more mysterious lights came later. I was doing a search for them when I came across the article of the person below me from the same area in Indiana. We saw the same type of lights, only I saw 2 and on a different night; tonight. In the same area of the sky that the flare-like lights appeared, there were, and still are, two bigger-than-star sized lights that are flickering and sort of just hanging out. They are not planes because they haven't moved left or right, or gotten bigger or smaller in hours. They are not planets because I know where venus and mars are located, and these are not them. These two lights, depending on how big they are, seem to be about a mile or two apart. They are flickering white/yellow/blue/red. These are not Helicopters. They are too high and too still. Helicopters do not hover for hours on end. The only other strange event of the evening is that a friend who also witnessed the lights said tonight that her business, which was toward the direction of the lights, began to suffer electrical surges when the lights came. Her store lights flickered and her computer shut off. She said she witnessed the flares, only once they dissapeared, it was only for a 2 seconds and they re-appeared and then was also told that other businesses in the same area were having power troubles. I'm sure there is a reasonable explaination for this, but at the current time these are lights that belong to an aircraft which are not identifiable to me. Thus, I'm calling them UFO's.