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Occurred : 3/13/2006 02:00 (Entered as : 03/13/06 2:00)
Reported: 3/17/2006 9:16:47 AM 09:16
Posted: 5/15/2006
Location: South Bay (Belle Glade), FL
Shape: Triangle
Duration:15 sec
Green triangle over Belle Glade

Belle Glade, Florida March 13, 06 I was traveling with my girlfriend driving north on route 27 en route to Orlando. It was about 2:00am. I was several miles south of Belle Glade approaching its small suburb of South Harbor. It was a clear dark night and the stars were out. Lake Okeechobee was on my left to the east just beyond a retaining dam or dyke and a swamp was just to the east of me on me on my right. There was what I think was a sugar cane processing plant aglow in a cluster of lights on a hammock about a mile away in the marsh.

Suddenly a bright green object traversed my windshield from right to left on a downward path at a slight angle. It was a glowing iridescent green triangle open in the middle with a smaller triangular cutout. It looked like one of those fancy new odd shaped Frisbees that kids toss around in the back yard. Its relative size on the windshield was each leg of the triangle was four or five inches in length. The object began to fall in a graceful falling leaf fashion, flipping and flopping in several different directions as it descended. Then it faded away and disappeared from view. My girlfriend was looking out the side window of my truck, the window being open, and saw what appeared to be the same object doing the same maneuver. I was apparently seeing the reflection of the object on the interior of my windshield while she was actually viewing it. What was astonishing is the reflection itself was very vivid like an image on a liquid crystal T.V. set. The color, the shape, and the movement of this object sets it apart from anything I have ever seen before. So far media or law enforcement sources have not corroborated this sighting.

This was the third UFO I have seen in my lifetime (I am 65) but the first one I have ever reported. I have decided to include the details of the other sightings although I cannot remember the exact dates of these sightings.

Varadero Beach, Cuba, winter of 1954 I was just thirteen years old and had just jumped off the bus with my Cuban friend, nicknamed Pupi. It was midnight and we were returning from the movies. It was a clear cloudless night and the stars were out and shining bright in the night sky. We were walking along a road that paralleled the beach. Suddenly in an instant it became as bright as day and I could see a woods a half a mile away. Trees, houses and every visible object stood out in stark relief as if they were caught like a snapshot by the flash of a giant camera. Then an object appeared going in the opposite direction of our travel. It was a round luminous white disk. It could have been a saucer shaped disk flying on its edge or I could have been viewing a round object. Other than the flames there appeared to be no other details such as structures or lights. From the trailing edge or rear of the disc sprouted a dozen or so blue flamelets like the flames on a gas stove turned down to a low setting. I estimated the object to be about fifteen hundred to two thousand feet in altitude and about a half mile away. Its relative size at that distance was about the size of a melon. I have often wondered how an object responsible for producing so much light could be easily viewed, not appearing as an intense overwhelming blinding light with no discernable shape because of the glare. What was amazing was that this object appeared in a night sky with a starry background while the whole landscape was bathed in light. Apparently this same object was seen over and over again and reported to the media. It was once described as a glowing disc that cart wheeled through the air. This disk did not appear to spin or cartwheel but appeared to be flying in a steady fashion with a leading edge and a trailing edge that spouted flames.

Rockford, Illinois, early Nineties I was just about to enter a bicycle shop on the south side of Rockford. It was midday with a clear blue sky and a few clouds. Before I got to the door of the shop I stretched and as I did this I looked up and saw something I couldn’t identify. It appeared to be a light silver oval or disc shaped object. I was seeing it not from the side but possibly balancing on edge like an egg carefully placed upon its end in some kind of magicians trick. It hung motionless several hundred above me at about an eighty degree angle from where it was soaring above some telephone wires. It was actually hard to determine its altitude and size. Its relative size from my vantage point was that it was the size of a (egg shaped) manhole cover. I thought it might be a balloon but balloons tend to rise and to my recollection high altitude weather balloons are sent aloft under inflated to compensate for the reduced pressure of the atmosphere there. This thing was fully “puffed up” so to speak and it was not moving at all and not rising. I decided to go into the bike shop and get some witnesses to help me possibly identify or verify what I had seen or verify that I had seen it at all. But just as I entered the shop I became embarrassed, feeling like some kind of irrational lunatic. So I quickly went outside to see if it was still there. It was gone. It was not some distant dot high in the sky or any where on the horizon of my view. It had totally vanished.