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Sighting Report
Occurred : 3/12/2006 12:40 (Entered as : 03-12-2006 12:40)
Reported: 3/12/2006 1:38:17 PM 13:38
Posted: 5/15/2006
Location: Phoenix, AZ
Shape: Light
Duration:less than3 minutes
Glowing U F O

Phoenix, Arizona 03-12-2006 12:40 PM A shiny object was observed coming from the S.S.E., at an excessive speed. It was moving much faster than a jet.

From the time it was first seen in, the Southern sky till it dissappeared into the Eastern horizon, was less than three minutes. When it was first seen it was coming from the S.S.E..

It passed at about forty-five degrees upward in the East. About twenty degrees N. from vertical, it abruptly changed course to the N.W., and came to a complete stop.

It then sped off to the S.E. for a second or two and abruptly changed course toward the East and rapidly sped toward the horizon and out of sight. It maintained the same glow for the entire time it was in sight.