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Occurred : 3/5/2006 14:00 (Entered as : 03/05/06 14:00)
Reported: 3/5/2006 5:15:27 PM 17:15
Posted: 3/11/2006
Location: Stryker (near) (NW OHIO), OH
Shape: Disk
Duration:appx 30 seconds
Saw a floating object in the sky for about 30 seconds, then unexplainably, it vanished.

I was driving back from Archbold Ohio coming back on OH-2/191 on my way through Stryker Ohio. It was a clear crisp day, blue skies. Right before I hit Stryker Ohio, I noticed a "disc" like object very high in the sky. I'm not a good estimator of distance, but I would say a good 2 miles from me. It was clearly not moving in any particular direction and actually seemed to be keeping stationary. I noticed a plane directly above with ("entrails") on it somewhat near the object. But this object was not a plane. I would say definitely silver in color, but it was pretty distant so I'm not 100% on the color description. Anyway, I would definitely describe it as just "floating" up there. I kept a direct eye on it so I didn't lose sight of it as I kept driving. But in a "virtual instant" the object was gone right before I hit the little town of Stryker. It's like it blipped out of the atmosphere. I flabergassed because it was such a clear day and it would have taken something with extradorinary speed to just, well vanish. It was sincerly, one moment it was there, then gone. Just a footnote, at teh time I had the visual of the object, in my head (sarcastically) I was talking to the object, saying "I see you, I really do see you". 10 seconds later it was gone. At the time I really didn't know what I was looking at, I was wondering as I got closer maybe it would be something like a plane or helicopter. But when it disappeared, I knew it was something more than a plane or helicopter. I'm not here to waste people's time, I know what I saw, and I'm telling you it was very real to me. I just don't have a clue what it could have been though.