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Occurred : 12/12/2005 09:00 (Entered as : 12/12/05 9:00)
Reported: 1/14/2006 6:16:41 PM 18:16
Posted: 2/14/2006
Location: Navarre Beach, FL
Shape: Unknown
Duration:20 minutes and possibly l
Perfectly circular cloud with a circular rainbow on the edge of the round cloud.

(This report may not fit the defintion for UFO reports, but I include this report since it is an odd event in my opinion; it may not have anything to do with UFO's.) Navarre Beach, Florida December 12, 2005 starting at 9:00AM Picture taking didn’t begin until 9:18AM and ended at 9:21AM.

On December 12, 2005, I was in Navarre Beach, Florida working on a construction site erecting a 29 story [level] condo. At 9:00AM after being on the reed bar slab since 6:30AM, I came down to the ground from the condo slab for my 9:00AM coffee break. I was still wearing my polarized sunglasses at the time when I just happen to glance up into the sky and noticed what appeared to be a circular and grayish cloud with a colorful rainbow on the outer skirt of this circular-like cloud. The barely noticeable rainbow completely encased the round type cloud similar to a halo effect. I was thinking to myself, "This is unusual. I have never seen a cloud formation that was so perfectly round; not only that, I never seen a rainbow that was so perfectly round during the daytime, only a rainbow that was half a circle and normally connected to the ground at both ends."

I removed momentarily my polarized sunglasses to see if I could see more clearly defined details as in colorfulness in this rainbow that was on this unusual cloud effect. To my dismay, the colorful rainbow effect was less perceivable than when I was wearing the sunglass and looking thru it at the rainbow. This unusual cloud formation with the rainbow, kind of reminded me of what I once saw many years ago, when I was looking at the moon on a very cloudy night. It had a rainbow ring around it when the moon shined through the clouds. That phenomenon is explainable: When there is a high concentration of moisture within the cloud, the moonlight shinning through the cloud can possibly create a rainbow effect as in a halo around the moon. When a halo effect around the moon is normally seen, this is usually a good indication that within a 24 hour period, there is a very good possibility of rain occurring in the region.

I told my supervisor who was standing next to me, and I guided him with my hands and pointing in the general direction of the unusual cloud formation with the rainbow on the outskirts of the grayish, circular cloud. He could barely see with his eyes what I was showing him; yet, he was able to perceive that there was something there with a rainbow effect which was almost unnoticeable . He joked that it could be a UFO, and I told him that I didn’t think it was a UFO but a very strange event; possibly Eglin experimenting with weather control which is a joke in itself.

I also told my boss as in a joke that is could be a wormhole, and that is how UFO’s were able to travel vast distant, but that was only as a joke; although, it had me thinking a little about it after I said it. I told him I had a camera in my truck and asked him for permission if I can takes some pictures of this unusual cloud with the rainbow which he granted me permission. I took 9 pictures with a digital camera. If I didn’t have to work at that moment, I would had taken more pictures and watched this cloud until it could no longer be seen. Let it be known, there was no doctoring to the pictures that I had taken nor is there any hoax that I know of associated to the rainbow cloud mention above. Not known at the time when the pictures were taken, there had been some sighting on November 7, 2005 seen in the general area which is bizarre when you connect those UFO sighting with the odd cloud event. I may had witness maybe once in a lifetime an unusual cloud formation with the rainbow effect. This could explain the event I saw several years ago of changing patterns of lights I saw at night which I originally thought to be a planet or large star. I’m still searching for an answer for how a cloud can be formed perfectly circular with a rainbow effect. If it were not for color gray inside the cloud, you could say it was a big bubble, but what could make a bubble that big?