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Sighting Report
Occurred : 6/1/1980 09:00 (Entered as : 060180 09:00)
Reported: 1/11/2006 11:42:19 AM 11:42
Posted: 2/14/2006
Location: Oldtown, ME
Shape: Sphere
Duration:3-4 minutes
hovering silver sphere and large triangular craft summer 1980

in univerisity of maine forest on marsh island, had huge tree house with copper phone wire anteenea in 150 ft tall white pine to listen to radio ,pick up stations on from all over the world ,walking on path to treehouse 1 morning,silver hovering ball about 10 inches around in size 20 ft away 3-4 ft off ground said out loud "what the fuck"and it started zig zaging 3-5 ft in oppisite dierctions until it was 12-15 ft above ground hovering again, during whole time i got dierectly under it by moving towards it ,it was dull matte silver colored and sunlight was shineing on it thru the pine trees but no reflction of the light which are from 100-150 ft tall, and it made humming noise that got louder when moving and queiter when still, at the point when i was diectly on the ground underneth it, i yelled "hey" at it and it shot up thru the branches of the pines and was breaking 2-3 inch branches off to get away. i ran 300-400 yards down to the bike path in the dierction it flew thru the woods. and got down there and my freind and his girlfreind where down the bike path by the frog pond 500 yards away pointing up in the sky iran down to them and told them what i saw and encountered on the path to thetree house they told me they seen a basket ball flyingin the air 200-300-ft up heading for the shopping center as the crow flys 1000yards away. we where all just a bunch of teenagers and no would beleive us so it was not really mentioned other than amonst us. 2 of my freinds where coming down the bike path on a dirt bike and thought one of us was playing chicken cause they seen headlights about a mile down the path. it kept getting closer andthey almost crashed but the light flew 3-4 fett over their heads and paced them doing about 55 miles an hour literally 5 ft behindthem, and then broke away from them 200 yards short of where we all where hanging out that night. both freinds where pretty shaken up and we just told them they where stoned any way. that was about 2 weeks proir to me and my friend and his girlfreind seeing this. any way we all talkeed about it and no one would beleive us cause we where all a bunch of party animals anyways. later on that summer myself and another freind was coming back from a keg party and saw lights hovering over the milford dam power plant at around 3 in the morning.we watched it for at least 10 minutes before it started to move down the penobscot river .it was a huge craft triangular in shape and at 75 -85 fett long on each side with a 8 by 12 ft rectangul on each apex with blue and red series running like xmas lihgts on the rectagul edges. the craft was flat black and in the middle was a round shapeed area thet was pronounced even more black. this craft flew 30 ft over me and my freinds head and made no sound whatever no jet blast rotor or prop wash. it then continued to fly over us on the bridge and i walked faster under it than it was moving as did my freind. it continued flying down the river past french island and then it dissappeared from our veiw because of the terrian we watched this object for probably 25 minutes from start to finish and once again who is a party kid or kids in the 1970s and early 80s gonna get to beleive him or them (the cops or our parents) well those are my ufo encounters am a senior nco in the army in the infantry 22 years have fought in iraq twice and know what is what and still know what we all saw in the summer of 1980 was not from this planet