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Sighting Report
Occurred : 12/26/2005 16:11 (Entered as : 12-26-05 16:11)
Reported: 12/27/2005 9:05:57 PM 21:05
Posted: 2/14/2006
Location: Centralia, WA
Shape: Oval
Duration:3 minutes
Sighted what appeared to be two meteors entering the atmosphere and another object of unkown origin.

At 4 pm, sighted a straight down vapor trail, ending at 10 degrees above the horizon while heading south on I-5 just north of Centralia washington.

At 4:11 pm sighted another object moving from southwest to east at 35 degrees above the horizon. This object left a vapor trail and we observed large pieces coming off that upset the vapor trail.

This object was visible for three minutes till lost in a squal line of clouds.

A few minutes later an oval object was observed in the east at 120 degrees east of the other trails and at approximately 40 degrees in the sky.

The trail behind the object was to the south. Then object appeared to stall in sky with no trail and appeared to flow south slowely.

Last sight of object in Vader Washington. Assumed first two views were meteoritic in origin. Third sighting undetermined.