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Occurred : 12/25/2005 10:15 (Entered as : 12/25/05 10:15)
Reported: 12/27/2005 6:37:15 AM 06:37
Posted: 2/14/2006
Location: Rush, NY
Shape: Cigar
dull grey craft spotted flying fast and low with no sound then seemed to dissapear

AS I turned North onto RT 15a I noticed a grey aircraft moving at an extremely fast speed, at first I thought it was a jet fighter, (it was about the size of one)but then I realized it had no wings or rudder, and it made no sound. it was heading north as was I. it was a cloudy day and the craft seemed to be flying at 6 or 7 hundred feet, well below the clouds and i would estimate it was moving at about 900 miles per hr. it went behind some trees as i was tracking it and when i got to where I should have been able to see it again (on top of a hill overlooking a vast area) it was gone.

The only aircraft I have ever seen moving that fast were fighter jets, and I used to see them alot when I lived in Florida and serviced the cigarette machines at MacDill AFB in Tampa FL. I have very keen powers of obsevation due to my hobbies of amature astronomy and native american artifact hunting