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Occurred : 12/21/2005 05:50 (Entered as : 12/21/05 5:50)
Reported: 12/23/2005 3:18:45 PM 15:18
Posted: 2/14/2006
Location: Dublin, VA
Shape: Unknown
Duration:5 mins.
Anomalous light seen above well traveled highway in early morning hours

This appears to be a recurring sighting, as I have seen this object twice. It seems to be the same object.

Yes, I am an amateur ufologist and that is why I am somewhat hesitant to report what I have been seeing. I do not want it to be assumed that I am just another wacko. I have went out into the back yard many times, wanting to see a ufo but have never seen anything that strange-just alot of commercial or military aircraft.

Anyway, my first sighting of this object actually occurred on 11/22/05. My girlfriend works at a local grocery store on midnight shift. I pick her up from work at 6:00 am everyday that she works. I usually leave the house around 5:30 am.

I was traveling on U.S. Rt. 11 as I usually do from the town of Pulaski, through the town of Dublin, to Radford where my girlfriend works. On route to pick her up, as I approached the town of Dublin, I noticed a golden colored light in the western sky. I assumed it was Venus, although it seemed unusually bright and I had never noticed a light in the sky that had a "golden" hue. (Mars usually appears to have an orangeish or reddish hue and does'nt sparkle or twinkle as this object does). I thought to myself that this could be a star, but it just looked "unusual".

The sky was crystal clear and of course, at this time of morning it was still not yet daylight. The light appeared to be stationary. I got to the parking lot of the grocery store and looked in the general direction that I had seen the "light", however, the lights in the parking lot were too bright and therefore obscured my view of the sky.

I picked my girlfriend up and we proceeded on Rt. 11 toward home. I had told her what I had seen and asked her to look around in the sky. As we approached Dublin, we saw the light again. It looked like it was in the same position. We could not discern a clear "shape", just a sparkling golden light. As we got closer to the light it looked as if it had iridescent qualities to it. We kept an eye on it and as we were headed in the opposite direction as when I initially saw it on my left, it was now to our right. As I was driving, I could not continually watch the light as my girlfriend could, but I saw what I can best describe as a "white or silvery ball" drop from the object. My girlfriend subsequently saw a total of 3 or 4 of these "balls" or "spheres" drop from the object. Again I was driving and could not continuously view the object. As we got closer, the object seemed to get larger and seemed to be directly overhead (directly above Rt. 11) as if it had moved from being on our right. I still could not discern a defined shape to the object, although my girlfriend said that it indeed seemed to have a "saucer" shape. To me, it seemed that the object had a changing or morphing shape. We eventually passed right under the object and as we did I had somewhat of an uncomfortable, foreboding feeling. As I was afraid I was going to cause a traffic accident trying to observe the object, I pulled over at a grocery store parking lot in the town of Dublin about a couple hundred feet up from where we had passed under the object. I turned the car around so that I was facing the direction where we had just seen the object and to our astonishment, it seemed to have disappeared. Since that time, I have kept my eyes peeled but saw nothing like it until the morning of 12/21/05 at 5:50 am on my way to pick my girlfriend up from work I saw the "golden light" again as I was approaching the town of Dublin. But this time as I got closer to the object the golden appearance of the light dissipated and became two seperate lights, one being white and flashing or strobing. The other light was on the other "end?" of the object and was a steady red color. The sky was super clear and I also noted that the object was to the east, opposite of the position I had seen it on the previous occassion. I proceeded down Rt. 11 to pick my girlfriend up in Radford. I had to wait on her to get off work as she did not get off work at exactly 6:00 am. I attempted to spot the object but as before, the parking lot lights' brightness obscured my view of the sky. We went through the drive-thru at the McDonald's which is very close to my girlfriend's work to pick up breakfast to take home. I informed her that I had seen a "UFO" again and asked her to keep her eyes peeled. As we approached the town of Dublin I could see the "golden light". I asked my girlfriend if she saw it and she confirmed. As we got into the town of Dublin and closer to the object, it again did not appear to be "golden" anymore. Again I saw a white flashing or strobing light on one "end" and a steady red light on the other "end". However, this time there appeared to be small white lights (steady) in between the strobing light and the steady red light. My girlfriend also confirmed what I was observing. The object was still in an easterly position and was on my left as it had been on my right on the way to Radford. I again pulled over at the same grocery store lot as I had done previously on 11/22/05 and pulled the car back around to point in the general direction of the object. But this time we could still see the object and it once again looked golden in hue. We observed it for only a few seconds before it started to move toward the now rising sun on the eastern horizon. We observed the object moving in this direction until it moved behind a building in front of us and we could no longer see it. The object did not seem to be moving very fast, but was moving nonetheless. I almost forgot to mention that it only seemed to be about 500 feet above the ground both times I have observed this object. I would find it hard to believe that no one else has observed this anomalous light in this general area, as Rt. 11 is a heavily traveled highway, even in early hours of the morning, as people are commuting to work. Possibly no one else is looking toward the skies as they are pre-occupied with their commute to work? Anyhow, thanks for your time---I tried to be as detailed w/descriptions as possible. Thanks again.