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Occurred : 12/21/2005 23:45 (Entered as : 12/21/05 23:45)
Reported: 12/22/2005 9:12:35 AM 09:12
Posted: 2/14/2006
Location: Perth (Western Australia),
Shape: Oval
it was a huge oval U.f.O that shone out a huge light that spread everywhere it was like a sun

i was jsut walking through the park with my dog. and than i noticed every jsut looking up towards the sky so i look up and saw the most amazing that i have ever saw in my life. it was a huge oval shapped U.F.O, at first it jsut hoverd there for about a second or 2 and than a huge shining light was lite on the U.F.O it was so bright i couldnt look at it any more it was like a second sun shinning so hard.