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Sighting Report
Occurred : 6/11/1998 18:15 (Entered as : 06/11/1998 18:15)
Reported: 12/5/2005 9:03:22 PM 21:03
Posted: 12/16/2005
Location: Patterson, CA
Shape: Disk
Duration:5 min
Just before Dusk I saw, 50 feet from my car a Flying Disk that had two Rings Rotating around its main body. It was trully awesome!

My girlfriend and I were driving home to San Luis Obispo from Chico California on day and spotted something flying in the sky a quarter of a mile ahead of us. We were headed south-bound on highway 5 parallel to the city of Patterson, Ca.

The sun had just gone down and there was still light out when we noticed a flying object over the highway headed toward us. It had flashing lights on it and its movments resembled that of a first. The object began to descend from above the highway of north-bound traffic into an area over an aquaduct. I turned my head to see where the flying object was going. The flying object stopped when it was parallel to us and changed course, flying at the same speed as us. When I finally caught a good look at it, I realized it was not a helicopter at all, but an obscure shape with lights rotating around it. It was a wierd sight. I didn't know what I was looking at. I intended it to be a helicopter, but it was not. My girlfriend was shocked. She pointed at the object with her mouth open and her eyes wide with awe. Her harm blocked my view of the road, so I slowed down to about 45 miles per hour. I turned my head again, and examined the flying object further. I realized at that moment, next to our car was a FLYING DISK with two RINGS rotating around it, one ontop of the other. The Craft was comprised of an approximately 25-30 foot long disk with the color of gun-metal silver. The shape was not round, but more oval in its length-wise, with a rounded off pointy tip. At the end of the disk was a smaller disk apparatus of the same color. Its length was appox 10-12 feet.

After seeing this I slowed down the car to roughly 25 miles per hour. The Flying Aircraft then began to speed up and rise into the sky. It flew above the northbound highway and stopped in mid-air appox 200 yards ahead of us. My girlfriend was panicking. The Flying Disk then began a perfect diagonal decent to an area above the south-bound highway 5. I remember the crafts movments were so perfect, as if the craft was in another world, uncontrolled by gravity. The movments it made, made me sick to my stomach. They seemed very unnatural to me. I began to cough. After the diagonal shift downwards to the side of the road, the craft stayed there for a moment and then made a perfect upward movement approximately 35 feet straight up into the sky. (I am sorry, this experience is very hard to describe). We were driving very slow and there was no traffic infront of us. A few cars could be seen in my rear-view window, but they were about a half mile behind us. There were oncoming cars going northbound, but they were atleast 3 quarters of a mile away. Then the Flying Disk with rotating Rings made a perfect opposite movement towards the ground. Its movements were that of a mouse icon on a computer. It moved very unnaturally and fluidly. I slowed the car down to approx 15 miles per hour and we watched as the Flying Disk hovered above a grassy hillside. My girlfriend scrammbled for her disposable camera she brought with her on the trip.

There was still light out, so the whole examination of the Flying Disk was unobstructed. I noticed its shiney body, and rings that had becons of lights on them. It was a marvel to whitness. It was the most awesome piece of machinery I have ever seen. This is when, under further examination, I noticed that the rings were huge metal looking apparatuses rotating around the disk. But there was something I could not intend to fathom, they were not connected to the craft by any bars, cooks, anything physical. The first ring closest to the Flying Disk was rotating at a 45 degree angle to the ship. The second ring rotated around the first ring 45 degree's to the ship counter to the first ring. This was trully an amazing sight. After about 10 seconds, of examination, we were parallel to the Flying Disk. This is when I began to rise upwards about 20 feet straight up. Again its movements, made me feel ill-at-ease. After rising approximatly 20 feet, a bright light lit up from beneath it. It permiated the ground and I saw dried grass sparkling underneath. I was trully in awe. Again, I was shocked by something that could not be intended by modern physics. The light was not attached to the aircraft by a light bulb. The light (similar to that of a hallogen) began from a point approximately 5 feet below the craft. It was as if it was a hallogram or something. Whatever the craft was doing, it was obscured by its awe-inspiring looks and movements. We kept our speed and moved on until the Flying Disk was out of sight behind us. A mile ahead we saw a police car in the middle of the north-bound highway with its sirens on. The police car was traveling approximately 5 miles per hour and was evidently there to stop traffic from passing. Every light I saw for the next 145 miles, I thought it would be another Flying Craft, the same Craft that I saw before. For a least a month I tried to explain to people what I saw. But the words would not come out of my mouth as I intended to voice them. I was completely spellbound by the awesome sight of that strange Flying Disk with Rotating Rings around it. The object made no sound. A detailed drawing of the becons of light, shape of aircraft, can be offered upon request. My girlfriend was unable to find her disposable camera, which was later found just beneath her feet under the passenger seat.