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Occurred : 9/24/2005 20:30 (Entered as : 09/24/2005 20:30)
Reported: 10/2/2005 12:00:59 PM 12:00
Posted: 10/11/2005
Location: Chicago Heights, IL
Shape: Circle
Duration:1 hour
Three strange lights in the night sky on Sept. 24th, 2005. Were they were man-made or terrestrial?

There were 3 circular objects high in the sky on Sept. 24th 2005. The objects gave the appearance of planets far away, not stars. They were too close and not as brilliant white or aqua color as stars. In fact they were light yellow to my eyes while to my wife's eyes they were red.

When I first noticed them I was sitting at my computer working on some music. My computer desk faces a window out the back of my home. All of a sudden out the corner of my eye (left) I noticed this bright light. It just appeared out of nowhere!? So I looked at it for a few seconds trying to make out what it was....actually, waiting for it to move. Nothing! So I ignored it a few more seconds then took another peek.

THENNNNN, I called to my wife to come take a look at this and to bring me my field glasses. My curiosity and imagination got the best of me at that point. I wanted my field glasses because have good magnification. I can actually see the surface of the Moon pretty good on a clear night with these field glasses (binoculars :->). Oddly, these objects weren't THAT far away where I shouldn't be able to get a clear image come in but my field glasses could NOT focus clearly???? To me that's TOOOOO strange? Why? All I could focus enough to see was that the objects were circular; there were 3 of them all-together, and each had a very light-yellowish appearance to it.

I could also see clearly how they were positioned in the sky. They were positioned about southwest of my eyesight while I was facing west. The larger circle was centered between two smaller ones both about 1/2 its size. What was more interesting was that the larger object seem to emit a very, very faint white (or yellowish) beam of light that stretch upwards and downwards while the two smaller objects emitted lights pointing at 45 degree angles up and down from their left and right sides. Meaning, the beams of light formed a V on its side (">" and "<").

I wasn't going to spend my whole evening watching this thing but I have to admit my curiosity got the best of me. I kept peering out the window every 5 mins or so. At points I would actually watch for almost 5 mins straight! It was compelling! There seemed to be no explaination of what it was or why it was suddenly there. I was actually waiting for some government surveillance planes to surround it. There's my answer! LOL! What I did see were at least 2 planes (ours, doubtlessly) pass by in the same 'spectrum grid' (if I may). I say 'spectrum grid' because the sky is HUGE and we all know how the eyes can play tricks on you while trying to tell how far apart 2 objects are. What might look like a few feet away could actually be miles! Anyhow, the lights weren't stabalized. It took them about an hour to move out of my sight, northwest. Watching it move across the sky was no different than watching the moon or sun rise and fall. If these objects were UFO's then my suspicions is that they weren't in our atmosphere at all! In fact, I'm thinking the 'controller' of these lights were probably in outer space using some laser beam, or something. That's not fiction! It could actually be true. I say that because I've read so many stories where people have referred to UFO's as 'dancing lights' in the sky. Well, I can make that happen too! Give me a LASER BEAM! LOL! Seriously, If we can do that 'dance' here on Earth with laser beams and project them FARRRRR AWAY then why wouldn't an extraterestrial! Well, enough on opinions. Fact is, the lights didn't dance but did raise a curiosity in me because they weren't normal to the eye.

I hope that wasn't too detailed. :) Thx! ((name deleted))