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Occurred : 9/17/2005 19:44 (Entered as : 09/17/2005 19:44)
Reported: 9/19/2005 3:07:31 PM 15:07
Posted: 10/11/2005
Location: Newnan, GA
Shape: Cigar
Duration:1-2 minutes
A stubby oblong/circular shaped UFO sighting occured over Newnan GA 40 minutes south of Atlanta.

On the evening of last Saturday, Sep 17, 2005, I decided to go out to eat dinner at my favorite Chinese place in Newnan GA, a medium size working-class town about 40 minutes south of Atlanta GA on Interstate 85. I had just arose from a 45 minute nap, and felt relaxed, with a little grogginess from the nap. I left my home in the extreme north tip of Coweta County, driving South on Fisher Road. I turned right onto Hwy34 and started going West to Newnan GA. I arrived in the vicinity of Andy Lewis car dealership around 740 PM EST, which is in the eastern part of Newnan. I stopped at a stoplight there. This is a busy part of Newnan, and a busy time of the week, and there was quite a lot of traffic going both ways through the junction.

While sitting there, at the light, facing West, waiting for the light to change, I noticed someting moving up in the sky. I could see it through the top portion of my car's windshield. The movement caught my eye.

The object would have been a little further North and West of my position. It was about at the "1:00 High" position, using the old WW2 terminology. It appeared to be a couple of thousand feet up. It was shaped with an oblong or short-stubby-cigar shape. It was moving from right to left (North to South), at a moderately slow rate. It did not look like a bird, helicopter, large plane, small plane, or anything else I've ever seen. In disinct contrast with the hazy fading summer afternoon light, the object's color appeared to be a solid very dark or black color. I could not detect any patterns or lights on the object. Nor did the object emit any light, or any other extraordinary emittance. It was just up there, moving from right to left at a lesurely pace.

I did see the object turn or sort of bank once or twice, and then its shape changed from the stubby oblong shape to a distinct circular shape, like a Frisbee or dinner plate. When it banked back the other way, I think I saw 2 stubby fins on the top. Due to its height, the hazy quality of the light, the objects extremely dark color, and my lack of binoculars, it was impossible to see any further details. I also checked my watch, and it was 7:44PM EST.

About this time, the traffic light changed, and my lane had to move. I continued driving west. I did not see the object fly off, zoom away, or disapper, but my automobile reached the point where I could no longer view that part of the sky through the windshield. It was more or less directly over my position, at that point, and I could not see it. At no time did I feel afraid or threatened, just very curious.

I continued driving West to Walmart where I withdrew some money from the ATM machine, and then decided to drive back to where I had seen the U.F.O., to see if it was still there. I did not feel afraid, or threatened, just very curious. By that time, it was 8:00 PM EST. I drove east, on the same road, looking out the windows and scanning the skys for the object. I continued looking for the object as I reached the point where I had been a few minutes earlier. I drove on past that spot, and kept on going, still looking. But the object had dissapppeared, and I never saw it again. I then made a U-turn, going on to my favorite Chinese place, where I enjoyed dinner. AFter dinner, I went home.

My background? I am a 43, almost 44 year old, white, Anglo-Saxon, Protestant, unmarried male. I have a Bachelor's degree in a technology field, and have been in computer systems admin for about 19 years. Some people have called me a "smart guy". I work a 40 hr/week job as a computer systems administrator for a major branch of the Federal Govt in Atlanta. At the time of the sighting, I was in a relaxed, typical Saturday afternoon frame of mind. I was thinking only of pulling out some money, and then eating Chinese. "UFO's" were the **furthest thing** on my mind. I consider myself a "realist"; I do believe that many UFO's, perhaps most can be explained by a reasonable rational explanation; yet I also recognize a spiritual dimension that can manifest supernatural out-of-the-ordinary occurences and that cannot be measured with instruments. This is the first real UFO I have ever seen with enough clarity to report it; yet I am not a "UFO nut"; I never read UFO books, or magezines, or anything like that.