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Sighting Report
Occurred : 4/12/1998 23:30 (Entered as : 04/12/1998 23:30)
Reported: 8/23/2005 7:15:37 AM 07:15
Posted: 9/2/2005
Location: Cleveland, TN
Shape: Triangle
Duration:2 min.
The house is a small two story, 25 yards from the Cleveland Hardwick airport in Cleveland Tennessee. The airport beacon would shine in through the bedroom window with it's rythmic flashes every night. I'm a pilot and enjoied living so close to the airport with the sounds of the planes and goings on. I could identify almost every plane by the sound.

I was awoken by my, then, wife with her saying "their here!" She was out of bed and heading toward the window on her side of the bed by the time I was awake. The room was filled with blue light coming from the small window in our up stairs bed room. By the time I was on my feet and walking around the bed toward the window she was trying to open the window.

The window was an inexpensive aluninium frame type that had moisture intrusion between the glass panes causing a white calsium deposit to obscure the view. So opening the window was in order to see what was going on out side. When she finally got the window open it made a bang on the aluminium frame. I scolded her for making too much noise. I could only see out of the bottom half of the window so I had to bend down.

I saw four half sphere white lights that were so bright it was difficult to see anything else. The airport beacon was obscured completely. However, I could see what I think was the side of the craft. I say craft because there is no other explanation for the lights or anthing else being there. It was completely silent and stationary above a hanger 25 yards from where we were.

Now, the most extrordenary thing happened. I have had an interest in UFO's and the possability of life on other planets and inter dimentional travel all my life. So it would stand to reason that when confronted wiuth such an event a photo or closer investigation would be appropriate. After looking at the lights for about 1 minute I closed the window and she and I climed back in bed and promply went to sleep. Right before I closed my eyes I thought "what are you doing?" A day or so later I remembered a dream that I had and was telling her about it I discribed everything that I could remember down to her banging the window open. Her face changed and she said that she had the same dream. She remembered the sound of the window banging open. That was her trigger. We had the same memmory accept she remebered a man standing on the other side of the street directly across from our house looking toward us. This I must confess I did not see.

((NUFORC Note: Witness indicates that date of incident is approximate. PD))