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Occurred : 2/4/2005 00:00 (Entered as : 02/04/2005 0:00)
Reported: 8/8/2005 7:04:00 PM 19:04
Posted: 9/2/2005
Location: Phoenix, AZ
Shape: Rectangle
Duration:1-2 minutes
UFO Sighting on North Mountain in Phoenix

The sighting was on North Mountain in Phoenix.

I used to climb to the top of North Mountain every night for excersize. Coming down one night, I saw what I first thought was an airplane, but it came closer and it looked like it had slowed down quite a bit, ruling out an airplane, at which point I thought it was a helicopter and became alarmed (sometimes police helicopters fly over North Mountain park, which closes at 11:00 PM, I did not want to be "spot lighted"). I was eyeing the aircraft very closely to see if it was in fact a helicopter and because it was approaching North Mountain. It was flying very slowly at some point, and I was looking directly at it, trying to make it out against a black sky. I caught the first glimpse of its shape, it had lights on it, like a helicopter would, but the rear of the aircraft was square.

I became very confused, trying to figure out what kind of aircraft was 'square'. Also, it was very quiet, helicopters make a lot of noise, even from a distance, this one wasnt making any noise at all. I continued to stare at the aircraft, caught a second glipse of it, and the shape looked definitely square from the back end (couldnt make out the front end because of the lights on the aircraft). At this point, I became nervous, I was starting to panic, I moved into a dark area off the paved road under a small "ridge" to keep myself from being seen.

The aircraft flew nearly overhead from where I was standing, and it literally dipped down towards the gorge area, flew back up a little and circled around the peak across the gorge (this was the peak where the radio antennas are located). The aircraft must have not been more than 50 feet from me at one instant. It was black and sqare shaped aircraft, made a quiet turbine machine like noise, I had no idea of what this was, but it was "right in my face", so to speak, and I was mortally terrified. What went through my mind in that instant was not good, I was really scared, I wanted to run away at full speed down the mountain towards the apartments where I lived. I just wanted to get out of there, quick, but I also realized that any movements might cause me to be detected by whatever that aircraft was.

After the aircraft circled around the North Mountain peak, I did not see it again. I was worried that it might circle back around, but it didnt. I somehow consoled myself by thinking that whatever that was, it was not looking for me. After a few minutes, I started back down the road briskly in an effort to get to the other side of the ridge, so if it did circle back around then I would be obscured from its path. On the way down, I considered calling the police when I got back to my apartment, but then I realized that I wouldnt have been taken seriously.

I continued to climb North Mountain after that, but only in daylight hours. I didnt think running into something like that would ever happen again, however, the incident had shaken me up pretty badly and I did avoid climbing up at night after that.

Previous to this incident, I did not believe in UFOs and when somebody mentioned it I would go so far as to get upset and try to prove to them that they do not exist and it is impossible by the laws of physics to cover great distances in anyones lifetime.

After witnessing this, it is obvious to me that they do exist because I saw one, although I dont understand it or how it could be possible. But I still saw it. i can speculate that maybe the reason why it was flying over that area was because of the radio antennas? At any rate, I had a close up visual of the aircraft, it was not a helicopter, and it could not be anything else because of its extremely low altitude at the final moment of the sighting. Aside from the fact that helicopters are obvious and make a great deal of noise, not even a helicopter would fly that low in that area because of electric lines that go across the mountains (danger of hitting an electic line).