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Occurred : 1/10/2005 17:24 (Entered as : 01/10/2005 17:24)
Reported: 7/26/2005 2:00:26 PM 14:00
Posted: 9/2/2005
Location: Denver (I-25, southbound), CO
Duration:20-30 sec.
Solo driver witnesses oblong, rectangular object w/ lights moving to the north above freeway

In the beginning of January 2005 (I forget the date) at 5:24 pm while driving southbound on Interstate 25 south of Denver, Colorado I saw an oblong object in the sky, flying (what seemed to be very slowly) above me, northbound directly up the highway.

Its size and speed was hard to determine, not knowing exactly how far away it was, and because there was nothing I could compare it to, I could not make a determination. It seemed to be anywhere from about 20 feet to an undetermined length, and it seemed to be doing anywhere from 10 miles per hour to an undetermined speed, and it seemed to be anywhere from 100 feet high to an undetermined altitude. If I had to guess I’d say it was about 50 to 100 feet long and about 200-500 feet above me, and was traveling at about 40 miles per hour or maybe a little faster. But this is just a could have been bigger but it was impossible to determine.

My first impression was that it was a bunch of Canadian geese flying in ‘line-abreast’ formation, because I had just seen (a minute or two earlier) a ‘V’ formation of them flying north. However upon closer examination, what I saw was not a group of individual birds flying in a line, abreast, but it was a solid object. I then thought it must be a piece of black polythene or polyethylene caught in the wind like a kite. However upon closer examination I was able to determine that it was solid and ‘plank-like’. It kept its rigid form and in no way fluttered or flexed or was jostled or buffeted or affected by the wind or breeze. It held its course and form.

I say it looked black because at that time of evening, it was silhouetted against the sky. It could have been some color for all I know, but it appeared to be black. I noticed two small ‘bumps’ on the leading-edge of one end of what I’ll call this ‘wing.’ These small protuberances for lack of a better definition (other than ‘bumps’) were not exactly the same size but were almost the same, and were immediately adjacent to one-another. My thought was that if this was some random piece of junk caught-up in the breeze, then it would not be completely symmetrical, so I immediately checked the opposite end of the leading edge to see if there were bumps there also. I saw that there were an identical set of bumps in exactly the same place on the other end.

This object looked like a board, flying sideways up the highway above me. Not exactly streamlined for sure. In fact it was the most un-aerodynamic thing you could imagine. Certainly not something that would work in a wind-tunnel. I could see clearly that it had 90 degree corners and features. It had no perceptible camber nor rounded edges. It was not ‘airfoil-shaped.’ It had no anhedral nor dihedral nor sweepback. Its form and the speed it was flying defied Bernoulli’s principle. It had no separate fuselage nor engines nor tail/empennage nor visible flight-control surfaces, no external anti-torque devices, neither did it display any lights or markings. No perceptible intake or exhaust, no props, jets or rotors, windows, vents nor antennas. There was nothing attached to it nor hanging out of it. What I saw was unlike anything I’ve seen, heard or read about. Just picture a giant, black, symmetrical board moving in the sky, steadily in one direction.

I could not relate to it in any way except to feel (mere speculation here) that for the lift and thrust and weight factors of aerodynamics, it must utilize some undisclosed type of technology such as magnetics for propulsion/stabilization and to overcome gravity, and ionization of the atmosphere to overcome drag through the air. I was unable to hear any sound from the object, because I was inside my car amongst traffic in the fast lane. There were a couple of vehicles pulled-over on the side of the road at this point, but I didn’t really take my eyes off the object long enough to see if the occupants were watching the unknown flying object also. What surprised me the most was that I didn’t hit my brakes and create a major traffic jam or accident, but rather just calmly thought: "Now that’s curious." Some have talked about dimensional shift, dematerialization technology or thought projection, but I can’t go there at this point because it’s a little beyond my paradigm.

I’m guessing the duration of this sighting was about 20-30 seconds from the time I first saw it off in the distance to the time we both ‘closed’ on each-other and it went overhead while I craned my neck, and pressed my face to the windscreen to watch it as long as I could before it disappeared in my blind spot overhead because of the roof of the car. Even though the thought seemed ‘silly’ to even contemplate from the scene I was witnessing, I consciously looked to see if there were any wires or poles supporting this object as the suggestion crossed my mind that maybe all it was, was some object hung over the highway, and the movement was due to a ‘relative motion’ illusion. There was nothing I could see to support this idea at all. Besides the object was moving relative to the highway also.

I was as conscious and lucidly awake when I witnessed this event, as now when I’m writing this description of the event. I have no idea what it was, nor do I have the slightest clue if it was our technology, or where it came from. I’m totally at a loss to explain what I saw. Kinda cool though.

((name deleted))

Sketch of what I saw.

((NUFORC Note: Witness indicates that date in January 2005 is approximate. Witness provides excellent graphic image of the object allegedly seen. Case submitted to MUFON headquarters, as well. PD))