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Occurred : 1/1/2005 00:00 (Entered as : 01/01/2005 0:00)
Reported: 7/4/2005 10:38:27 AM 10:38
Posted: 7/5/2005
Location: Baltimore, MD
Shape: Circle
Duration:not sure
Experiences worth reading

Hello I just found this site and will be sure to add to my favorites.Im not good at wording my experience's, but I will do the best I can. I recently have not scene a UFO but I have had experiences in the past worth wording.

In the late 60's Im thinking 1969 I would of been 8 standing in our front yard in Mt Washinton Maryland with my father,mother and next older brother we saw what looked like a cigar shaped balloon with what we thought was a person on a bicycle making a propeller move this craft.It was not too far away..less than a quarter mile,but we kind of had trouble making it out.It was not a plane and now I realize this was not a bicycle powered balloon either.Next years later age 13? I found myself outside my house in Towson Maryland in my underware at around 4am wondering why Im out here..I never have had a problem with sleep walking...nothing strang seemed like it had happened. Many years later 35 now I was living at a friends house in Mt washington Maryland room in the basement I may have been abducted I cant tell if it was a dream or did it really happen? Im not sure but for some reason I keep recalling a very brite light like if head lights were shining in the sliding glass door in the room I was sleeping in. I think I came to in the backyard at the same time as seeing 2 dark saucers darting away over the tree tops.I went right back in and went to sleep but I felt like I had been through some trauma.It didnt seem like a big deal at that time but that dream or whatever it was keeps coming back to me.Sometime after that I developed an anal fissure which doctors thought were hemroids for the longest time...could this fissure be from a alien exam? Other strange things are the humming in my right ear or right side of my head which started around 2/2000 that no doctor seems to have a anwser or solution comes and goes and I havent had the humming for around a year now..maybe a few brief times since.Its more like an electrical hum from a large transformer.Lastly I have an obsession for ufo's and anwsers,I found out Im really good at algebra and math in general..I didnt even carry a notebook my last year of high school ..they wanted me I was in the cop out program my last 2 yrs of high school.I did finish college with a degree in computer networking though 2002.I always have thoughts like I may have been programed or Im being monitored.If anyone else has simular experiences or you have some possible anwsers let me know. Thanks