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Occurred : 9/5/1976 21:00 (Entered as : 09/05/1976 21:00)
Reported: 7/3/2005 3:26:10 PM 15:26
Posted: 7/5/2005
Location: Birmingham (UK/England),
Shape: Circle
Duration:40 minutes
Had a close encounter with UFO which moved silently and seemed to be following and watching me.

I was driving home from work and became aware of a small red flashing light in the sky as I left work. For some reason I continued to look at the red flashing light in the sky which seemed to move at a similar speed to my car the whole of the trip home,(approx.twenty minutes). In those days,I kept my car in a rented garege a couple of roads away from the road where my house was situated. After garaging my car I looked again in to the sky and the red flashing light had gone. I walked from the garage to my road. As I turned the corner in to my road I observed the red flashing light stationery in the sky above the house opposite to mine. I would say at this point I was approx. 300 ft away from my house. As I walked to my house, I continued to look at the red flashing light which seemed quite low, above the house opposite (the neighbour's roof). As I almost reached my garden gate, the red flashing light came across the road and stopped above my head, at which point the red flashing light went out and a large green light came on which was circular in shape and approx. 20 ft in diameter. When it was a red flashing light accompanying my car, when it was above the neighbours roof and came across the road, went out there was NO outline of any sort of craft whatsoever. That was strange because it was a clear summer's night. I remember there was only one cloud in the sky and it was not dark. As the red flashing light was over the neighbour's roof it was perfectly still as if it were a fixture and there was no sound. As it came across the road it moved in perfect silence and did not shake or quiver, it came across the road in a perfect silent line. When the green light came on (the circular shape), which looked like looking up at the bottom of a saucer, (saucer shaped). It was just like looking in to a green traffic light. It appeared to be glass. I could not see through the green light to what was behind it.

Whilst all this was happening I remember that my mouth dropped open in shock, amazement and shear awe! I decided to rush inside my house and fetch my family out to share in this most facinating experience. As I moved, the green light went out and the red flahing light came back on and it moved off in an upward angled direction and went behind the one visiable cloud.

I reported what I had seen to the then called Elmdon airpot, (now called Birmingham International airport. At the time they informed me that they had a resident UFO expert who was one of the air traffic controllers. When I reported my sighting, they said they as the crow flies, we were about two miles from the airport. They said what I described could be done by a helicopter, but they said it was strange that on that particular night they did not have any helicopters out and said there would not have been helicopters from anywhere else. I remember that when I was on holiday and was lying on the beach I saw and heard a helicopter way up in the distance and it was tiny and loud. What I saw was just over my head. I don't know how high. I would say at a guess, 30ft up. Certainly not in the distance.

I then rang the airport and they wrote back, unfotunatly I do not still have the letter. Then letter said because I did not request a radar check they did not do any checks. I rang later that evening of the sighting.

What was interesting was that when I was giving my account at work the next day, a lady who worked there and was listening said "Oh my God" "last night I was sitting in my boy friend's car at the petrol station". "As it was a hot night, I wound the window down and put my head out of the car to get some air". "As I looked up there was a massive orange ball hanging low in the sky above the car". "I immediatly shut the window and sat almost frozen in my seat, terrified".

It has to be said that following my experience, I became facinated for several years in UFOs spending most nights in the garden looking in to the night skys, such was the strength of my experience. It was only as I came across your web sight that I read that you publish very old sightings and therefore decided to send mine.

((NUFORC Note: Witness indicates that date of the event is approximate. PD))