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Occurred : 5/3/2005 22:00 (Entered as : 05/03/2005 22:00)
Reported: 6/21/2005 8:41:48 PM 20:41
Posted: 7/5/2005
Location: Japan,
Shape: Triangle
Duration:2-3 seconds
MULTIPLE SIGHTINGS in VERY NARROW, LOW-ALTITUDE AIR CORRIDOR This sighting is the most recent of several objects observed in the same, highly-confined area above a densely populated suburb of Tokyo from a period beginning in 1993 and currently on-going.

I am a U.S. citizen living adjacent to the northern-most shore of Tokyo Bay. The condominium where my family and I live has a spacious outdoor terrace providing a 180 degree view facing due west. The object I saw would be best described as triangular, although slightly irregular in shape. My first impression was it looked like a "stubby boomerang." The object was directly overhead at roughly 90 degrees from the observation surface. It either emitted a dull white light, or was composed of a dull white material. At arm's length the object would have measured 2 inches in width at its base, and about an inch and a half in length (thus the "stubby" description). It moved from due south to due north and was visible for only 2 or 3 seconds. There was absolutely no sound emitted from the object, and visual contact was lost after the object underwent a process that can be described as similar to television or video image dissolve.

In the same area, there have been numerous sightings of objects of varying descriptions. I have seen several myself, my son reported seeing one and other individuals have either directly observed objects, or have recounted second-hand sightings. Two years ago, a Japanese Air Self Defence Force helicopter was dispatched to the area described above and spent 30 minutes hovering at 60 to 80 feet. I have no information about what a military helicopter would be doing making such a horribly loud racket and hovering so low over a residential area, but it seemed to be looking for something.

OTHER SIGHTINGS: March 1993. I was taking out the trash at approximately 21:30 and noticed in the corner of my eye something moving to my left at an altitude of 80 or 90 feet. The object was almost completely transparent. Heading due north, the object moved slowly and in complete silence. From the angle I first saw the object, there were two hemispheres side by side facing downward (the rounded edges pointed downwards). Above the hemispheres was a platform, like a table top viewed from the side. There was a small building right next to me, and the view of the object was blocked as it continued moving in a direction directly behind the building. I dropped the bags of trash and ran to the other side of the building and saw the same object again. This time, the angle had changed. The flying object was V-shaped with three hemispheres on each wing. Again, it was almost transparent. There were some people walking on the street who hadn't noticed the object. The object was so silent and so nearly invisible, no one would have seen it unless they had happened to have directly spotted it. Observation time: approximately 15 seconds.

July 1997.

In the same corridor, I saw an amoeba-like blob flying due south. From our terrace, I had a front-and-center view of the setting sun (about 18:40). The nearly transparent blob was heading in a direction that would take it directly in front of the sun. I recalled my 1993 sighting and wondered what would happen when the object flew between my line of sight and the sun. As the blob passed in front of the sun, I could see that the object looked about four times larger than the sun at the distance it was from me (300 feet or so). Although the object did not block out the sunlight, the shape of the sun was slightly distored and slightly less light was emitted. The object passed across the sun and continued in the same direction until it was out of sight. Total viewing time: 10 seconds.

Two nights later, July 1997.

I decided to sit out on the terrace every night. At sometime around 20:45, a gray-colored boomeranng-shaped object suddenly appeared from a due west direction and began flying directly towards me at an altitude of about 100 feet. It was moving in a zig-zag configuration. Although moving rapidly, it was clear that the object was changing shape with each curving maneuver it made. Instead of having straight edges, the boomerang had wavy lines. On both wings or blades of the boomerang shape there were darker gray-colored wavy lines extending from the front of the object to the tips of the wings. Observation time 4-5 seconds.

Next night. July 1997, approximately 0:30.

I was out on the terrace hoping to see another object. By this time, I had begun to theorize that the area of the sightings was a type of corridor for the objects. I was outside patiently waiting and had been sitting for 5 or 6 hours and was about ready to go inside and go to bed. Suddenly due west, a huge V-shaped object appeared at about 100 feet in altitude and at about 300 feet from my position. It was very similar to the object I had witnessed in 1993; V-shape with hemispheres on the bottom surface of the wings. There were some notable differences from the 1993 sighting. First, instead of being almost completely transparent, it was dark gray in color. It looked as though it was made of smoke or cloud, yet the giant V maintained a coherent shape as it glidely slowly due south. Second, although the wings were parallel to the ground, the wing tips curved upwards and emitted either some type of particles or energy. The edges of the wing-tips wavered in a manner resembling heat radiating off a hot paved road. As I watched the object move slowly and silently in a steady due south direction, I couldn't help but wonder why the object had swept V-shaped wings. At the speed it was traveling, they would have served no aerodynamic function. Then a fortuitous event happened. As the object progressed on its unchanging trajectory, it approached a 12-story condo building, and from my viewing angle, flew above the building which is about 350 feet away. At the mid-way point on the roof of the building, there is a rectangular structure that houses a water tank and air-conditioning equipment. The V-shape object passed directly behind the utility structure and the left wing just barely cleared the structure. Using these coordinates as a reference, I would estimate that the V-shaped object was 150 to 160 feet lengthwise, and about 80 feet wide from wing-tip to wing-tip. At this point, I had been observing the object for at least 30 seconds. I continued to watch it for another minute as it continued on its trajectory. Although the object had not yet disappeared from view completely, it had traveled far enough away that it appeared much smaller and far less visible. It was still vaguely visible but I decided there was nothing more to observe, so I turned away and went to bed.

The above sighting was the most spectacular of any of my observations, including those leading up to the time of this writing (June 2005). These experiences have led me to search the Internet to research what other observations have been made in other locations. There is one important distinction that can be made about my observations and those made by other people. The Internet has numerous postings of triangular-, boomerang-, and V-shaped objects. But in every instance, there have been discriptions of lights on the objects. In every case I have personally witnessed, the objects did not have what might be interpreted as mounted lights. The objects have consistently been monochromatic or transparent, and when illuminated types were observed, the entire object was bright, not with light sources on isolated surfaces such a wing-tips, nose or center. Again, I emphasize that each sighting I have made has been while I was alone. However, individuals, including my son claim to have witnessed objects in the same corridor.