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Sighting Report
Occurred : 5/15/2005 00:00 (Entered as : 05/15/2005 0:00)
Reported: 5/15/2005 6:03:23 PM 18:03
Posted: 5/24/2005
Location: Earp, CA
Shape: Triangle
Duration:4.5 hr
Massive number of UFO's observed in one location.

It began shortly after midnight, we were laying out in the front yard and saw a black, silent aircraft pass over very low. We thought we saw a Stealth bomber and began trying to see where it went.

We saw another, and after a while we saw several. I went inside so my son could wake up and see them. The three of us layed outside watching for over 4 hours. During this time other types of aircraft appeared, several larger triangular looking aircraft were seen, as well as massive crafts consisting of several smaller crafts joined together. We watched as they seemed to be moving from one large craft to another.

It seemed as though the smaller ones were launching from the larger ones. Straight lines of what looked like stars (but were'nt) were appearing, at one point there were at least five consisting of 8 or more moving lights. During most of the activity in the sky we heard our dogs barking at nothing, cat (not ours) howling, and wild burros schreeching nearby.

Shortly before daylight it appeared as though they began to prepare to depart. At times it seemed as though they were engaged in combat with each other. Many falling star type beams observed, they were red and gold in color. Larger crafts appeared to break down into several smaller ones and depart. Some of the larger crafts had a blue craft that seemed to be guiding them away. One large craft in particular split into two separate pieces one of which departed upward and the other downward in the distance. The one that appeared to land here looked as though it turned over, changing its position as it was descending, towards 29 Palms. During the entire event, they made no noise.

After most of the crafts had departed 4 gold colored, square objects began to ascend after them, they seemed to have been some kind of guide. It was at this point that my husband called the 29 Palms Marine Corps base. He was transferred to the correct person who basically told him "he hadn't seen anything." This statement was made after he was asked who he was, where he was, what was seen and how many others had seen it.

Then, my husband placed another call to the local Sheriff's Department and was told an Officer would be sent down. As he walked outside after this call, he proceeded to call his father and noticed that the 4 gold square objects were landing in a square formation around our house. At this point we ran into our home and locked the doors and turned off the lights. It appeared that some sort of door or hatch opened and a male human figure get out and began walking toward our home.

We called the Sheriff's department back to see what was taking so long and were told the deputy would not be responding. Husband went back outside and noticed one of the four objects was rising up from the ground again, it hovered at approximately 40-50 feet. He quickly came back inside. This was approximately 20 minutes before daylight.

At daylight he went outside and observed them all departing, he called us out so we could see it too. They were already several hundred feet off the ground. A little later we drove down to where they had landed and saw circular imprints in the soil as well as laid over weeds. Only found two of these.