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Occurred : 4/18/2000 22:00 (Entered as : 04/18/2000 22:00)
Reported: 4/13/2005 6:54:31 AM 06:54
Posted: 5/24/2005
Location: Cocoa Beach (near), FL
Shape: Cylinder
Duration:10-11 seconds
Gigantic unconventional craft flying 75-100 feet over I-95,no sound, blue and white lights with big panels

Observer#1: Retired US Government ((medical title deleted)) with significant knowledge of most aircraft of the world - age at sighting 59.

Observer #2: My ((age deleted)) year old son ON or about 4/18/01 my son and I were traveling south on I-95 - time was about 21:00. We were moving at about 70 mph-probably 20 miles north of Cocoa Beach, FL exit ramps.

All of a sudden the top section of my 19XX ((deleted--vehicle)) windshield was filled by the shape of a rough cylinder object about 75-100 feet over the highway crossing over the highway at a 90 degree angle to it and from my right to my left (headed east).

It was gigantic--being at least two hundred feet long and maybe 60-75 high. Along the top of the object were a line of blue lights - maybe five or six and along the bottom maybe 8-10 white lights and another 10 along the side-somewhat like halogen lights and constant - no strobe or on or off. I am positive about these colors.

It seemed to rather "float" across the road at 100-150 mph. There was NO noise nor sounds at all. The most significant feature was a row of about 8-10 rectangular giant white panels along the side with a big X in each one and some object in the center -like a small dome.

The panels were lit with a white light from within. These were giant and not any type of conventional aircraft windows since they were far larger. They had a slight bend to their line or position down the side of the craft-up in the front and back. There may or may not have been a wing.

I had just a second to hit my dosing son and yell..."look at that". He did see it also for a split second. It was so close and so sudden that I almost lost control of my vehicle but was able to put my window down and steal one 1.5 to 2 second glance to my left. I could see it from the rear (by this time 3-400 yards away and still hugging the ground - at best 100 feet up) and headed east).

It reminded me of a giant vulcan bomber but I cannot be sure. Not sure I saw any vertical stabilizer. It was emmense and with the window down-- still no sound was audible.

I have seen and touched B-52, C5A, B-1, Sr-71 BLACKKBIRD, WARTHOGS,AND PHANTOM AIRCRAFT AND ALSO SEEN JUST ABOUT EVERY OPERATIONAL COMMERCIAL AND MILITARY conventional aircraft in the US--it was NONE of these being far far larger and totally silent.

Color - unkown maybe I cannot recall as it was so sudden. From the rear I have a faint recollection of a giant thick maybe wing like shape-maybe delta or - but it may not have been a wing. This had to be 4-5 times the size of a B52. It was not a B-2. The rectanges were at least 10-20 feet high and about 8-15 feet across. They were along the side rather like the guns of an old ship of the line. They were not like any window of any aircraft I have ever seen.

Impression was of -maybe- again maybe-a gigantic man made aircraft flying in a very dangerous manner without conventional running lights,no sound and at way under the stall speed for any aircraft of that size.

I have searched the internet for years looking for similar observations and found only a distant few. No alcohol or drugs used by me - I have never seen any other "UFO" but found the time today to enter what I can recall here for others. My son recalls the rectangular white objects along the side and the blue and white lights-he recalls more white lights than I do -- maybe 15-20 along the side.

Patrick AFB was a number of miles to the southeast but the object was far lower than any conventional flight or landing path- had no landing lights or wheels down.