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Occurred : 1/30/2005 19:30 (Entered as : 01/30/105 19:30)
Reported: 4/4/2005 8:26:30 AM 08:26
Posted: 4/16/2005
Location: Chiang Mai (Thailand),
Shape: Sphere
Duration:4-5 minutes
Orange sphere in skies above Chiang Mai

Whilst backpacking in Northern Thailand, i and a mixed group of fellow backpackers were making our way to a local bar at about 7.30pm.

Whilst ambling through the dimly lit backstreets of Chiang Mai i observed in the distant sky an orange glowing sphere moving towards our group.

It was the most brightly lit object in the sky and despite trying to hold a conversation with my fellow travellers i was transfixed by this light.

There was something distinctly odd about it that attracted my attention.

It was travelling in a straight line and at a fixed speed.

Could not ascertain any idea of its height, size or speed. There are a lack of reference points in a clear night sky.

Within a 30 seconds all conversation stopped as one by one my fellow travellers noticed said orange sphere.

It occured to me that it would overfly our position on the ground and so i attempted to take a photograph with my Canon Eos 300D camera. The camera failed to operete for unexplicable reason. (not done that before or since) As the light passed over us it changed vector by about 5 or six degrees with no discernable change in speed. Not a satellite then i thought.

We discussed what it could be amongst ourselves but failed to come up with a rational explanation.

Hot air ballon ? ..... that would account for the orange/red aura (flame) But the object was travelling too fast for a ballooon and then of course there was that noticable vector change. Not to mention it would be a very foolish balloonist to fly in total darkness.

The orange glow it generated seemed to flicker and change to a slight reddish tinge from time to time. It varied a little in intensity of brightness.

The object made no sound at all that we could discern.

It kept its speed as it dissapeared into the distance, heading roughly North west.

On my return to the UK i researched said object on internet and discovered an article describing several similar sounding objects flying above Chiang Mai on Feb 7th.

I have always kept an open mind regarding UFO`s.

My mind is that little bit more open following my experience in Thailand.

To my mind this was literally a flying object that was unidentified.

I would be interested in hearing from anyone else who witnessed this object or similar objects.

Sorry, no pictures. (i tried)