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Occurred : 3/2/2004 01:00 (Entered as : 03/02/2004 1:00)
Reported: 3/22/2005 11:16:11 AM 11:16
Posted: 5/24/2005
Location: Olive Hill, TN
Shape: Changing
While deer hunting this season I noticed what at first seemed to be a very bright light that was pretty close to where my deer stand was located. Since my family ownes aprox 800 acres I knew that nothing or know one was hunting on our property. Plus we have 5 locked gates that have master locks.

As I began to watch I noticed what looked to be 7 objects. Their was 1 taller than the rest. Their was a light that hovered over the group.The only way to describe the light is it looked like that thing that divers use for transportation while diving under water, except it seemed to giving light to these thing's.

As I sat there I began to get scared, because they were getting closer to my deer stand. They were going up and down this hill side, like they looking for something. The only way that I can describe these beings is they seemed to glow and they didn't take steps they hoovered.

They got to the log road where I was, then they stopped. It was obvious to me that they knew I was there. It was at this time that I really became frightened, because I knew that this phenomenon that I was witnessing were not human.

1/2 hour before sunrise they all seemed to go to this bright light, which was about 75 yards from me. Since I was in the wood's the foilage kept me from seeing real good. The bright light that they seemed to be headed to disappeared.

Since this occurance there have been a lot of strange thing's happen. Since I live in the Bible belt if you say that you've experienced a UFO phenomenon people tend to think your nut's. So I haven't said anything.

Since all of this started I've probrobly got 6 or 7 video's a lot of pictures just to have proof. There's a whole lot of thing's that have happened, that I have documented but I don't have the time or the room to go into it right now.

To be honest this whole thing has been scary, and I don't know who to even tell. It's gotten to the point that I try to stay around people and not by myself which is very unusual for me . Before all this I was alway's by myself either hunting or fishing.

((NUFORC Note: Witness indicates that date is approximate. PD))