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Sighting Report
Occurred : 2/28/2005 22:15 (Entered as : 02/28/1905 22:15)
Reported: 3/2/2005 10:14:06 PM 22:14
Posted: 4/16/2005
Location: Sevierville, TN
Shape: Triangle
Duration:1-5 minutes
Three lights in triangle shape hoover over houses, makes no sounds and flees as we begin to investigate

My father and myself were traveling home from work on February 28, 2005 at approximately 10:15 P.M. We had just made a left turn on Boydes Creek Road heading east toward Servierville TN, when I first noticed a strange, very large, little in the sky a mile or so ahead. At first I only glazed at it and did not mention anything to my father. As we got closer to the object I saw the there were three individual lights with no pulse and it was completely motionless.

It was at that point that I asked my father what he thought it was. He immediately anwsered, "It's a plane," but as he looked closer he too noticed the lack of flashing lights and its stationary position. At this time we could both see that the three lights were in a triangle formation, but could see nothing of a vessel. The light were only about 100 yards to our left and no more than 100 feet in altitude. My father then began to slow down in the middle of the highway, and as we came to an almost complete stop the object began to move away from us in a norhtwest direction almost like it knew we were looking(spooky). As we came to a full stop I already had begun to exit the vehicle when I immediately noticed no sound. My father and I both stood outside the car for about 30 seconds as we watched it fly away and never heard any sound except for those of nature.

The objects speed and movment was unlike anything either of us had ever seen. It seemed to go from a dead stop to an estimated 100 mph instantly, and then continued at that same velosity until we had to return to our vehicle. After we began to drive away my father called a co-worker who was in the car ahead of us. He to saw the lights with no flash and not moveing. He did not, however, stop or see it move.