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Occurred : 2/1/2005 08:15 (Entered as : 02/01/2005 08:15)
Reported: 3/1/2005 6:29:17 PM 18:29
Posted: 4/16/2005
Location: NJ/Toronto (between) (Canada), ON
Shape: Light
Duration:5 minutes
Distant dancing lights in blue sky outside 737 window.

On my way back from a business trip from New Jersey to Toronto Ontario. Above the clouds very blue sky. Flight left Newark at approx 7:45am due to snow delay.

At about 8:00 - 8:15 the plane was above the clouds, sky was very blue. Seen a light very far away with numerous other lights moving around it, sort of circling. Very hard to keep an eye on them as the contrast and distance made it difficult to see.

I witnessed this main object (all objects seemed white) move up and down, sometimes slightly to the left. Various times, I had seen other lights move around this main light at higher speeds, until they just seemed to disappear.

It was very difficult to keep track, kind of like looking at a sea gull at a high altitude on a bright sunny CLEAR day. The white on blue makes it hard to see, especially at great distance.

Whatever it was I saw, I know it was NOT a plane or aircraft as we know it. The movements where just to odd. Personally I couldn't believe my eyes, before I had a chance to get confirmation from the person beside me we started descending on our approach to Toronto Airpot.