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Occurred : 8/29/1991 20:30 (Entered as : 08/29/1991 20:30)
Reported: 3/1/2005 3:50:20 AM 03:50
Posted: 5/24/2005
Location: New Idria, CA
Shape: Triangle
Duration:150 minutes
Two silent perfect equilateral triangle craft observed for atleast 150 minutes at New Idria CA.

I sat down for a rest(2300ft elevation) while hiking the hills on our property. It was early dusk with clear skies.

Looking west I saw two bright white lights maybe two miles distant approaching at approx. 40 to 50 mph as they cleared nearby hills(3400') by about 200 to 300'. At about 1/2 mile each light resolved itself into 3 smaller white lights located at the vertices of perfect equilateral triangles.

The two craft kept approaching directly towards my position with the one on right side leading by 100ft and about 100ft separation to the other. Both were absolutely silent and headed directly above me as they moved due east.

I watched intently when "on a dime" the lead craft suddenly stopped straight above me (at I guess anywhere from 700' to 1200' above). Looking straight up I saw the craft as a dull metallic triangles against the blue sky--I can't recall much else right then except maybe a central circular feature and the fact the other craft had proceeded east over a hill.

I became increasingly nervous as it sat perched directly above. After about 30 seconds I panicked and ran down the hill (1 minute) to my truck parked in workyard. Looking up it was still there and the other one was slowly rejoining it from the east.

I jumped in truck and drove it across New Idria Road and up my driveway to my home (about 90 seconds), to find out that both craft were still just hovering there (in echelon as before). So I watched them in their silence.

After a few minutes one of them headed slowly east over the hill again and minutes later returned again. I went for my camera (35mm) to find no film--highly peeing me off-and I had no one to call (nearest neighbor 6 miles north).

returned outside to watch more of the same action (silent hovering with one and then the other every 5 to 10 minutes smoothly tracking east and then returning-in a sinister manner I recall thinking}. I think I found binoculars but could not hold them steady to any advantage.

I flipped them (the craft) off in my angst but quickly "apoligized" and started making arm motions 'to come on down' and sit a spell--to no avail.

It got dark and yet they were still there. I pulled out my flashlite to signal--it did not work nor did any others I could find (not unusual but I can't say I checked later to ascertain their real status).

In the dark I could see and remember the white lights at the vertices. At one point I got a stiff neck and went in for a sandwich.

Back outside--still there. An hour or so after dark they finally glided off slowly(at max. 15 mph) in tandem due east. It seems it was 10:30 pm or so then.

They made me feel uneasy and it's strange but I cannot recall telling anyone about it (except maybe one friend-who can't recall) which just wasn't and isn't like me.

And I might have even forgotten all of this but for the fact that a year and two weeks later I had another sighting which I will report (here in NUFORC database) as September 12 of 1992. It was this later sighting that seemed to trigger my recall of this one. Both sightings were absolutely real but leave me very perplexed (esp as to not telling folks and even not recalling this sighting).

I have no recollections of being abducted (though I'm curious enough to want to try hypnosis) and it seems certain that this first sighting began a recurring 'nightmare' of not being able to find light switches in dimly lit dreams of mine.

Other details: My best estimate of craft size is 40 to 60' on a side. Dull metallic silver hulls. Some sort of circular configuration maybe 10' diameter at center of the belly of the triangles.

Would have reported this long ago but just became aware of this website after Jenning's special.

Want to thank website creators very much and would appreciate knowing of similiar sightings, especially one's around same time and within 200-300 miles of central California.

((NUFORC Note: Witness indicates that date of sighting is approximate. One of two reports from same witness. PD))