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Occurred : 9/1/1979 20:00 (Entered as : 09/01/1979 20:00)
Reported: 2/27/2005 2:07:25 PM 14:07
Posted: 4/16/2005
Location: Spotsylvania, VA
Shape: Other
Returning home from an evening shopping trip my husband spotted several bright lights in the sky into the distance. Instead of continuing through the city to our home, he turned back and headed towards the lights, which made our journey home through the country roads.

What we saw were about 8 and sometimes more very large round lights following the south side of Mine Rd. As we drove beside and watched them, trying to figure out what they were, we began to notice that some would suddenly go dark while another would light up nearby. They all stayed fairly close together and they continued their path directly beside us.

We turned left on Landsdowne Rd and they also turned with us. Landsdowne Rd is several miles long, so we drove slow and observed.They stayed beside us. We had no preconceptions about UFO's, therefore we did not feel any threat from this, just curiosity.

Suddenly a helicopter appeared in the sky on the north side of the road. When we heard the helicopter's engine and saw the small light in comparison, we realized that the lights that we had been following (or following us) made absolutly no sound.

When we turned right on the next road my husband decided to keep past our development and go as far as the small airport to see if that was their destination. They continued beside us and on past the airport. This seemed to be a never ending journey and we were beginning to feel a little strange about it so we turned around back to our house, which was just a few blocks off the main road. We could still see them behind us and they seemed to be hovering.

Once home, my son went to get his friend to tell him about this. They climbed on the garage to see if they could see them. The lights or whatever it was had crossed the road into a large unpopulated area next to our development. My son and his friend watched them hover in that area until they got tired and came in. Of course I had no fear then about abduction, etc. because I wasn't aware of such things. Today, I would not have taken it so lightly.

The next day someone called into our local radio station and was talking about the lights and how none of the local military bases had anything like this in the air. I then knew that more people than my family had witnessed this. It was a very dark night so we couldn't determine if the lights were attached to one large craft or each was a seperate craft. I would love to know if anyone in this area recalls anything about this. I now wonder about the reason they stayed with my family.

((NUFORC Note: Date may be approximate, although the witness does not indicate that fact. PD))