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Sighting Report
Occurred : 9/15/2004 21:00 (Entered as : 09/15/2004 21:00)
Reported: 2/25/2005 5:34:11 AM 05:34
Posted: 5/24/2005
Location: Omaha, NE
Shape: Sphere
Duration:12 sec
A star like object that grew bright white and or Amber then simply vanished as moved across sky. 12 seconds

3 separate occassions following Deep Bible Study: I am a 1 year newly found Christian. Upon each hour intensive study of Bible, I would venture outside to my patio, observing the heavens for spiritual reflection.

I saw what appeared to be planet/star. I am a very experienced and educated man. with 20/15 eyesight. I understand depth perception, etc. this had the depth of a planetary body. these were not airplanes, they had the depth of planets. planes usually have a flashing light and disappear with depth horizon slowly and systematicly.

The first 2 sightings were white star shines that moved very effortlessly accross the sky then grew very bright, and immediately vanished. I know what a shooting star or meteorite is and what it looks like.....This was not a meteorite! Meteorites very clearly appear in the stratosphere move downward motion, have tails and burnout....This was not That.

Finally, the third sighting was the grandest of all; it did the same as the other two got bright white, and then as it was directly over my head it Burned Bright Amber or orange as if it were acknowledge me, I felt its presents and again completely disappeared right over my head.

Now I've heard Scholars refer to Chapter in Bible Ezekiel refer to Amber disks as being heavenly Angels.

Do you think that is what this is? Amber Disks like the ones from Ezekiel? I want to know more. I wanted to tell someone with Education/authority but didn't know where to go.

Do you have reports that are similar to this description? 402 ((number and name deleted)) .....Thank you.

((NUFORC Note: We wonder whether the witness might have observed satellites. In the third instance, the event might have been caused by the flare of an Iridium satellite. PD))