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Sighting Report
Occurred : 8/19/1969 23:00 (Entered as : 08/19/1969 23:00)
Reported: 2/24/2005 11:08:29 PM 23:08
Posted: 4/16/2005
Location: Duncan (Canada), BC
Shape: Cylinder
Duration:15 to 20 minutes
A group of people sighted an "object" that hovered for some 15 minutes, it pulsated red to mauve.

I was returning from a City Council meeting at about 11 and 11:15 in the evening, as I approached my house I noticed my next door neighbors standing on their front steps saying goodnight to some friends. I asked them if they had seen the object that was hovering in the sky to the north of us. They all said no and immediately came over to our front walk to get a better view.

The object had been there for about five minutes as I had been watching it during my walk home. What attracted me initially was the fact it was pulsating sort of a cherry red to light mauve or soft purple color.

I went into the house and got my binoculars and we watched with the glasses for about ten more minutes, suddenly it sped off to the Northwest, there is a large 1200 meter hill or mountain close by, just as it appeared that it was going to hit the mountain it suddenly made a right angle turn and shot straight up and disappeared.

We stood around for another ten or fifteen minutes talking about what we had seen and then dispersed.

Two days later there was a report in the Victoria newspaper of a sighting by a gentleman living in an area some 7 miles to the north, he claimed the "object" was over Duncan. The interesting thing is that directly between this gentleman's locale and Duncan, there is a hydro station that draws DC current from the mainland and converts it back into AC current for distribution to Lake Cowichan areas. This object had to be positioned directly above these transmission line. It is our theory (and it is only a theory) that the "object" required some form of electrical energy for propulsion.

((NUFORC Note: Witness indicates that the date of the incident is approximate. PD))