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Occurred : 2/3/2005 21:30 (Entered as : 02/03/2005 21:30)
Reported: 2/8/2005 7:26:59 PM 19:26
Posted: 2/22/2005
Location: Fort Collins, CO
Shape: Triangle
Duration:9 seconds
Triangle craft spotted in Fort Collins Colorado

My name is ((name deleted)) and I live in Fort Collins, Colorado. On February 3rd around 9:30pm I had went out back to smoke a cigarette. It was a very clear night, not a cloud in the sky.

My backyard is on the north side of my house. I was looking up at the stars because the sky was so clear. As I was looking a large craft appeared over my head. It was the shape of an equilateral triangle and was heading NNW. About 20 degrees to my left of where I was standing. It made no sound as it traveled. The craft's bottom was all I could see. The base color was black with a hint of grey. In each of the three corners, not the tips, were three circles that gave off a very dim blue-white light. It was just the outlines of the circles that gave off the light. The centers of each circle were the same color as the rest of the bottom. I remember thinking that craft was so geometrical. The inner circles were also in an equilateral triangle configuration. That is if the center of each circle were the points of a triangle. It felt as if the craft was very close, 200-300 feet over my head. But as there were no clouds to judge distance with I really don't know. My view to the North of my house is blocked by the town-homes that are directly to the north of my house. I estimate that I can only see the sky above 50 degrees from the ground. The craft traveled over my head till I couldn't see it for what I estimate to be 9 seconds. I never took my eyes off of it, I felt stunned to be watching it. If I were to held my hand out as far as I can open palmed it would have not have fully covered my view of the triangle. After it had passed I went inside and told my roommates what I had seen. I grabbed a pen and paper and noted the time on my microwave: 9:32 PM.

I then grabbed my video camera and went outside to see if it would return and I could capture it on film. This time I went out the front of my house and into a field that borders my neighborhood to the South. I did not see the object again. I did note however that there seemed to be a lot of smaller planes flying around in the area. I could see the lights on the planes and could hear their engines. I noted that one plane was circling the town in my area a half a dozen times while I was in the field.