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Occurred : 11/17/2002 19:30 (Entered as : 11/17/2002 19:30)
Reported: 2/8/2005 11:19:07 AM 11:19
Posted: 2/8/2005
Location: Birmingham (UK/England),
Shape: Unknown
Duration:10 sec max
I arrived from work quite late parked my van outside my home and as always on a clear cloudless night I look up at the stars. I was looking up wen i saw a diamond shaped object with like 6 glowing stripes on the front of the craft. I knew that the front was the front because of the direction the craft was moving. I also knew that it was diamond shaped because of the sillouette it made against the starlit sky. It was quite high up but was moving very fast indeed. I know what it wasnt but i didnt know wot it was and after observing this my girlfreind phoned me up and i told her wot i saw as i was still standing there in awe! Im not sure if it was alien or not but I had never seen this sort of thing before.