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Occurred : 1/29/2005 19:05 (Entered as : 01/29/2005 19:05)
Reported: 1/29/2005 8:17:08 PM 20:17
Posted: 2/8/2005
Location: Orangevale, CA
Shape: Triangle
Duration:3-5 seconds
Vee shaped red/orange lights moving east to west over Sacramento.

Approx 6 very faded red/orange rectangular lights in a vee formation. Based on the disappearing background of stars, the object gave the appearance of a vee. Based on my point of view, the object was very large. I could not judge the altitude but had the impression it was not as high as a jet in the normal departure altitude (from Sac Intl. The lights were solid but very dim. There was no sound. I waited 30 seconds for a jet sound.

I just finished viewing the comet and turned to the south and caught a fast movement of an object moving from west to east. As I looked in a direction of approx SE the object was visible for approx 3 seconds before it vanished in the east.

I am use to seeing jets and hearing them a few seconds later. To the north, approx 40 degrees was an airplane displaying appropriate lights traveleing to the north.

Earlier I saw a satelite moveing north to south.

This definitely was not a satelite and did not match any sound, sight or behavior of an any aircraft I've ever seen.