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Occurred : 1/28/2005 21:04 (Entered as : 01/28/2005 21:04)
Reported: 1/29/2005 5:04:13 AM 05:04
Posted: 2/8/2005
Location: Johannesburg (South Africa),
Shape: Formation
Duration:10 minutes
5 objects in a straight line ,but very bright in color

This Pic was taken earlier tonight with a Nokia 6600 at 21h07 in South Africa,Johannesburg,Alberton +2hrs GMT ,with multiple witnesses,the first time it was seen (by me) it appeared in a straight line as 5 bright white lights moving very slow from west to east,(the unfortunate thing is when i took a photos with my phone (Nokia 5140) it told me the clearest one "corrupt picture or format???) In the same time my nephew and his girlfriend phoned me and told me that they on the road (travelling east to west) and there are these amazing 5 bright "green" lights and that people were actually pulling of the road looking and trying to take pics of it (where i told him to get and try & video rec as well from his phone "6600") and bring it to me as i cannot open my photos and we were also looking at 5 lights but they were white not green...he then assured me they are green and he is taking as much as he can.

I have 3 pics that you can see lights (but only four lights in pic??) i am not good in enlarging or editing photos ,so i am giving here the original size taken from the phone and the "experts can tell me after you guys played around with this 100% PROOF photo what it is or you second experience,the first one cellphones did not even exist...

[img][/img] Please i really need your input,this was seen by numerous people and if req i will put to not so clear pics up as well,btw the video rec did not work as cam only ran for a louzy 9secs on the phone.

And before i get asked why didnt i rec from my phone i only got it 2 weeks ago,and seriously would not have found my video rec on my phone as i was just trying to capture pics on it with excitment as this was AMAZING And myself and 2 couples in my complex where i live witnessed the lights.