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Occurred : 1/15/2005 19:30 (Entered as : 01/15/2005 19:30)
Reported: 1/17/2005 8:41:00 PM 20:41
Posted: 1/19/2005
Location: Ocala (N and S of), FL
Shape: Triangle
Duration:3.5 hours
Multiple types of objects in night sky of central Florida witnessed for over 3 hours.

This could take a sighting started at 7:30pm 1/15/05 and lasted until 11pm as I drove south on hwy. 301 from Jacksonville, FL. As I drove S on 301 I eventually noticed an object in the sky SW of me far away and hovering. One small red light on each side - distance was impossible to guess due to darkness and the small size of the lights, but they were maybe 2 finger-widths apart from each other at that time. In the direct center of them at about 1 second intervals a white light blinked. Alternately, above each red light (solidly lit at all times) a very small and fast white light would flash after the center white light would flash. As I drove towards Ocala, FL on 301 this "hovering" object neither deviated in altitude nor moved from side to side...also, it never became smaller or dimmer indicating that it was moving farther from me as I drove and I was unable to catch up to it...basically, it became very conspicuous to me due to this because that meant to me that it was going the same speed as me and never varied. Twice I stopped at gas stations on 301 to get a drink or hit the bathroom. Each time I basically forgot about the object until I got back into my truck and back onto the highway. Both times this object was still in the exact location of the sky and neither looking closer or further away from me, yet as I again would drive towards it at 70mph it still seemed to stay exactly the same distance from me no matter what.

By now I'm very much unsure that this could be a plane, helicopter or blimp...the lights just weren't right, plus it's odd way of staying in the same place all that time whether I was moving or not just seemed impossible and very improbable for a typical aircraft. Then a second one appeared in the sky just down and to the W of the first one...hovering in the same way. I say appeared because it didn't fly to that position but just appeared or turned it's lights on...same configuration of two solid reds, center white blinker and two blinking whites above the reds.

These two objects stayed this way until I turned W on I think hwy 40 north of Ocala to head to I-75. then instead of viewing them high up out of my windshield I had to look out my side window and up. Not long after turning W the object that had appeared second very noticeably began to move W away from the first object, still hovering. It seemed to be heading SW as it was definitely get smaller in size and much dimmer after a while, but the rate of it's movement was very slow and deliberate in a straight direction and I was able to view it for a very long time even when it was apparent that it was many many miles S of me.

At the I-75 intersection I again stopped at a gas station. When I came back out 5 minutes later the first object was still hovering and the second though still visible was definitely much farther to the SW but I could still see it's red lights and blinking whites.

As I turned S on I-75 still watching these two objects I finally decided that I needed to tell someone about this because I just didn't believe now that these were typical aircraft. So I called my girlfriend and described to her everything I'd seen and thought up to that point asking her not to think I was crazy.

I could still easily see the stationary object blinking away, and I could still see the one that had flown SW away from me. At this point things went absolutely crazy and unbelievable and I kept my girlfriend on the phone as I described every event to her and I was completely shocked to be seeing what I was seeing...the next events happened almost directly over I-75 and also over the fields to either side E and W and all over the sky S of me as I drove S on I-75...and they happened for over an hour straight: A very large, bright white object appeared in the sky to the SE of me on the E side of I-75...kind of far from the original object...however that object now began to move W and fly directly over I-75 out over the fields...still in some way looking the same size and brightness even though I was traveling at 65 mph towards it the whole time...very wierd. At first I was thinking the new object was a planet or star...very large and bright white and not moving at all even though I was heading for it, which is was what made it seem like a star. As I described to my girlfriend the red lighted object flying left to right in front of me, directly over the highway in the darkness straight to my S a very small white object blinked...then blinked again but easily 2 hand widths to the right...not being sure if it was the same object or a second blinking object at that time all of a sudden multiple white blinking objects (I think maybe from 3 to 6 or so) began blinking all over in a group form right over I-75. They weren't bright...small star type brightness and flashing very fast then maybe off for a second or so...but there were definitely more than 2 since I could see a group of them moving around flashing and then I guess appearing in other locations in the general area of the sky, so either very fast moving and in quick turns of direction or several of was just hard to tell also due to oncoming headlights and also the intervals of very tall street lights messing w/ my it wasn't easy keeping my eyes on all this as well as the large semi-trucks and other vehicles that I was trying not to swerve into...I was pretty excited at this point and describing it all to my g/f at the same time.

It appeared after a couple minutes that I did travel underneath the location of the fast blinkers and I couldn't see them anymore...during all of this I could now still see the constant hovering large white light plus now three of the red lighted objects moving back and forth to the S and SE and SW of me...moving in different directions very slowly and deliberately and not making any turns.

One of these flew towards the large white light, and around this point my g/f said that I should just pull over but I didn't want to...about 1 minute later I passed a pick up on the shoulder of the hwy. and the driver was standing next to his truck staring up at the definitely looked like he was witnessing what I was...I just don't see how anyone could have missed the red objects, but the fast blinkers were very elusive unless you were paying attention as I had been.

At this time the large white object began to move from E to W over I-75 (this was after the one red lighted object flew over near it's vicinity). This really got me excited because now I knew it wasn't a moved slowly and deliberately from left to right over the hwy to over the farm field area that borders the hwy. At this point that white object most obviously turned due N to parallel the hwy. though off to my W. It then also decreased altitude so rapidly and sped so quickly towards me that the diameter of the light easily doubled in size and actually shocked the shit out of me and I started yelling into the phone, I mean it almost looked like it rocketed down and towards was amazing. At that point I said screw it and hit the shoulder of the hwy and slammed on the breaks. Unfortunately I stopped next to a small grove of pine trees blocking the view....but...and this is where I began to believe I wasn't seeing normal aircraft...This bright object had slowed down very slowly again...the very bright half moon that was out last night was above the object...the bright white light then dimmed almost off and at that time I could then see three tiny green lights in a slim triangular shape as if I was seeing the bottom of the craft at just a slight angle as if it wasn't quite perfectly horizontal and maybe angeling away from my point of view just enough to see underneath it. Even better...due to the large bright white light going so dim and the slight illumination of the three green lights at the points of the triangle, I could easily make out the edges of the object connecting the green lights as a triangle...I saw this shape for about 1 second before the white light in the center turned on super bright like a beaming spot light towards me so that all I could see was a large white ball again and it was descending to the ground going behind the tree line I was parked at. Or else it turned more W away from me making it look as if descending, but it was going lower in the sky either way and through the trees I could see it's bright light very easily. I'm conviced this was a triangular shaped object just as I've always heard described on TV...I couldn't believe my eyes and was still describing this to my disbelief over the phone.

The wind was hard that night and temps were probably 40 or less, so after this 5 or so minutes of exposure I had to jump back in my truck. All this time there were still 2 or three red lighted objects either hovering or flying randomly in the sky to the S still. I saw one tilt itself to a 45 degree angle as it hovered also and then go back horizontally.

I finally got back on the hwy still watching the red objects and about 200 yards down the road the trees ended and everything openned up to a vast farm field...I could still see many objects out there so I pulled over again. And again the sky went nuts with activity. At one point I could easily count up to 6 red light objects flying in different directions from N to S and E to W and back again as I looked to the W towards the field. Some flew at angles directly over me but it was impossible to tell their altitude or hunch though was that they didn't seem much larger than a commuter plane...Cesna sized or something. The triangle object was somewhat easier to tell it's distance from me at that point when the bright light dimmed allowing me to make out it's edges, and I bet it was not much farther than 1 or 1.5 miles...and since the lights seemed fairly close together I'd guess each side was maybe 40/50 feet or so??? Maybe something like that. Anyway, back to the field action...

Along w/ all the red light objects directly to the W of me I saw so many fast blinking white lights zooming all over the place in a group...again it was just a crazy show. They reminded me of when you can see a satellite fly over...that general size of light, like small star sized and the same whitish-blue color. Only they flashed very quickly and then seemed to re-appear very quickly in another location...hard to guess how many due to their speed and randomness, but they were definitely out there blinking all over. While all that was going on almost directly above me a red-lighted object appeared right up above me...very bright in color, so it seemed kinda low and larger since the red lights were definitely farther apart on this object...maybe not even a mile up, but I couldn't tell of it's shape like I could the triangle. I don't know if it just materialized in that location or if it's lights were out and then just turned on, but it just appeared and then started to fly in a straight line to the SE of me...these things were everywhere and some would fly away to the S but then some would fly in from the N and they would criss-cross the hwy. I can't believe people weren't seeing this, but I just don't know if they would notice it as odd like I did since I'd been watching them for so long by this point. I think this second stop on the hwy lasted about 20 minutes watching all kinds of activity...I was freezing and shivering almost uncontrolably by then, but refused to get back in my truck for risk of missing even more activity or something more spectacular. But the fast blinkers seemd to disappear eventually, and the red-light objects decreased down to like 2 and were again hovering to the S of me. So I got back in my truck and started S again.

I'll tell you that by this point as exciting as it had been it started to get a little boring and even my g/f was ready to get off the phone with me and my descriptions...she just didn't want me to wreck my truck (I almost did several times though). So I hung up with her. I eventually didn't see anymore objects in the sky and was getting to around 40 miles or so from Tampa on I-75. I was still in somewhat of shock or disbelief over all of this and decided to call one of my best friends to tell him all about it...I knew he wouldn't think I was lying or crazy.

As I neared finishing my story of everything that happened one of the red-light objects appeared again very low and just to the SW of me on the freeway...just out of no where and bam there it was, and this was while my friend was still on the phone. You could tell it was moving slightly to the W and then it began to roll into a 45 degree angle to the right and then it rolled back to horizontal and then to about 45 degrees angle to the left as it slowly flew W away from me. I was able to watch it fly very low to the W until it disappeared from view.

These things just weren't planes or helicopters...I was able to view them for such a long time that I'm convinced they weren't airplanes, blimps or helicopters. My main confusion is just that if these were secret government craft then why the hell fly them over a freeway with lights flashing and not in the desert of Nevada. And if these were alien craft why the hell have all those lights on and be seen??? And also is there anyway to find out if they showed up on radar??? I didn't see any news of this today on the net or TV or radio, so I don't know what to think.

I was even kinda ready to not think they were UFO's up until that freakin' white ball zoomed like it did and then showed itself as a triangle for that second or so...that blew my mind to see a triangle after hearing about them on TV all these years...this was the most bizarre thing I've ever witnessed, and as I searched tonight I found this link and decided to try and write it all down to you. That's the whole story though...even though so much of it is like burned into my mind and I can still visualize what I saw and the sequence of events I still think I left some out because there was just so much activity going on at once for such a long time. Sure wish I'd had a video or something.

That's it though. I'm going to copy what I've written to you and post it on other sites if I find any worthy ones. Maybe someone else who saw those things last night will stumble across my story and corroborate it. Let me know if you have any questions. thank you. ((name deleted)) 33yrs old - Tampa, FL

((NUFORC Note: We will correspond with the witness, and request that the girlfriend, and any other witness, submit corroborating reports. PD))