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Occurred : 1/12/2005 01:45 (Entered as : 01/12/2005 1:45)
Reported: 1/12/2005 4:06:25 AM 04:06
Posted: 1/19/2005
Location: College City, CA
Shape: Disk
Duration:about an 45 mins
About 5.5 hours total (between two sightings) oscillating lights are seen by 3 people in the country skies.

Driving home from family/friend's place, headed north on Grimes-Arbuckle road - the object was off in the east (just as my husband and buddy described) red lights oscillating at random, blinked in the sky. The arrangement of the lights indicated that there may have been a disk or saucer like shape to the actual object. After driving down the road about .5 to .75 miles, we turned and headed back toward Arbuckle. It was still visible as we hit the town and cruised about a mile through it, north bound, as well as about an additional 2 miles north of town as we headed to turn east onto Hahn Rd. Allthewhile, it continued to flash a great distance out, as it stayed pretty much just a little north of our vision - indicating a great distance between us and the object or that it was moving with us, more than likely it is the former explanation. After about 2 miles down Hahn, we headed south on Grimes-Arbuckle Rd. again, at this point we all acknowledged seeing some new unexplainable bluish-green lights along the 2047 drain (a run-off of the Sacramento River). This was the area at which my hubby and friend saw the red flashing lights earlier (see other report). This area is about 1 mile from where we were, at that point. We then headed back to Arbuckle after having scaled about 6 miles of road around a big square of fields and orchards. Both my husband and friend have seen objects/lights in our area and elsewhere. I have unfortunately seen many objects/lights and the like through out my life, within the central and northern areas of California. There is also a somewhat extensive encounter record for my family. All three of us are college educated and were of sound state of mind at the times of the sightings. No one was intoxicated nor on any type of drug (save for the pack of smokes we in turn smoked as a result of shock/fear/yadayada!!!).