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Occurred : 7/24/2004 23:07 (Entered as : 07/24/2004 23:07)
Reported: 10/27/2004 9:00:02 AM 09:00
Posted: 10/27/2004
Location: Sanikiluaq (Canada), NT
Shape: Light
Duration:45 minutes
UFO lights time:23:07 Sanikiluaq, Nunavut Canada duration of sighting 45 minutes, lights(bright white,red,blue)

We were coming back from a fishing trip and stopped for a rest when we observed a bunch of dancing lights in the horizon, they were bopping up and and and zig zagging all over the sky, there appeared to be a mother ship which the lights were coming out of and going back to. We were watching these lights when we saw a bunch of quads(four trax atvs) there were two lights that were following them and hovering over them until they came quite close to where we were watching the lights, we asked if the people on the quads saw the lights too but the first two quads did not see them but the third fellow saw what we were looking at and panicked, he went to get his family from their camp site and took them home fearing that they would be abducted by the lights! I saw the lights again in the same area a few weeks later and they were doing the same thing! dancing and bopping all over the night sky and I starting thinking twice about going out fishing again...

there has been a number of sightings on our island for as long as I can remember and I believe the sightings to be from out of our world.

thank you for you time.