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Occurred : 6/15/2003 01:30 (Entered as : 06/15/2003 1:30)
Reported: 10/25/2004 1:19:33 PM 13:19
Posted: 10/27/2004
Location: Danbury, CT
Shape: Light
Duration:10 sec.
High Flying craft dashes Due North at High Speed

I don't normally do this kind of thing but... About a year to a year and a half ago while standing outside of my house, I happened to see from almost directly overhead a bright object, slightly brighter than a star crossing the sky at quite a pace. The light was almost constant but did seem to fade in and out as it passed. I've been an avid aircraft enthusiast for many years and I can tell you this thing was moving.

I estimate the altitude at between 80,000 and 100,000 ft OR HIGHER!. My reason for this estimate is the fact that this craft made virtually no sound and that I could see a contrail in dashes. It appeared that the craft was so high that its contrail was being illuminated by the SUN. I feel that this craft was right on the edge of the terminator from its location. The contrail seemed to have an even pulse. Also the aircraft was heading Due North (Not your typical satellite path). I could ascertain this from the fact that I can see the Big and Little dipper clearly from the intersection of streets I live on. I estimate the craft crossed approximately 30° of sky in approx. 10 seconds. The craft did not waver or fluctuate in course. It flew perfectly straight to the North.

The only reason I am making this statement now is to see if anyone else may have seen a sighting like this in the North East. I do not believe this craft to be of alien origin but I believe it could be the Aurora.

((NUFORC Note: Date may be approximate, although the witness does not specifically state that to be the case. Satellites generally do not leave streams of material behind them, and they do not cover 30 degrees of arc in 10 seconds. If the object was, in fact, being illuminated by the Sun, it must have been very high. PD))