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Occurred : 9/23/2004 04:00 (Entered as : 09/23/1904 4:00)
Reported: 10/2/2004 3:40:50 PM 15:40
Posted: 10/27/2004
Location: Felton, CA
Shape: Light
Duration:60 minutes
close encounters 3 times

i was sleeping outside the night of september 22, 2004. my 3 year old neice wanted to "camp out" with me. so she fell asleep until about 4:15am. she wanted her mommy. i took her in the house and then climbed back into the back of the truck. i was located in the santa cruz mountains area of felton, lompico, to be exact. while looking for shooting stars and having a cigarrete, i saw what i thought to be a plane traveling on the left side of the moon (from were i was laying down) i remember thinking to myself, "wow, in this day and age, people can travel at any time they want." then as this thing traveled across the sky another few feet to the left(from my perspective) and then all of the sudden,it stopped.after about 1 minute or less it moved straight up, then srtraight down , left to right and then it started sending out these pulses of lights that i can only describe as . like taking pictures of something with an old fashoined camera. the light wave would then travel outward in a wave of energy that i could see with my eyes. it was not a full moon so i had alot of vision at that time. it was very dark.

my first mpluse was to get my ass in the house and quick, but i have seen them 2 other times in my life and possivbly more. once as a child, they appeared to me as santa and his reindeer in my backyard, the next event was seeing a bright light while sleeping in my backyard in Santa Cruz , California. this time, the thing moved very fast and sudddenly went up and then down and then side to side and then completely dis-appeared from view. it was such a bright light i assumed at 1st , it had to be a helicopter rescuing a kid that went to close to the cliffs i live near. but it wasnt. i once again felt the urge to run as fast as i could into the house but i was to fascinated by what i had just seen.the so, i just wanted to know if anyone else reported seeing anything in the wee hours of september 23rd 2004, at approximetly 4:30am. the whole encounter took less than 1.2 hour so i just put my head under the covers of my sleeping bag and realized i have been in these woods since 1969 and havent been hurt buy any other life form yet so, i will take my chances. i beleive that our spirits are the who the u.f.o's are and they are close but because we would not understand the next life form we pass through after this one, so they come as aliens to those who do not beleive in gohst or spirits or angels even. anyway, i know what i saw. i am 45 years old and have seen alot of bizarre things in my lifetime but these 3 have been up there with no#1.once again, did anyone else report seeing anytthing unusual on or about 04:30:00 on 09/23/2004? i feel like i am nuts. i know i saw it, i know i did . no one beleives me but i know what i saw.

sincerely kelly baron. i used to be signed up for seti at home.i think i will go back and re-registar with you! i loved watching the graph send sounds into space. bye for now! kelly baron