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Occurred : 9/26/2004 (Entered as : 09/26/2004)
Reported: 9/26/2004 9:24:24 AM 09:24
Posted: 9/29/2004
Location: Hartland, MI
Shape: Light
Duration:1 hour or more
Very bright lighted orbs, NOT stars hovered in the early morning skies

I noticed out my bedroom doorwall a very bright light hovering, too bright to be a star and it seemed to have a glowing feild around it. I woke up my boyfriend and had him come take a look. After watching it and knoiwing this was not normal, we got the vidio camera and caught it on tape, though the strange thing is, that sometimes you could see it with your eyes plan as day, but through the vidio camera you could only see a mist or force field. Then it would become bright and show up on camera again. We also caught 2 other lights (orbs) hovering close to the brightest one. One of the reasons we know it WAS NOT A STAR because no other stars were visable on camera. It was clear skies and we could plainly see the real "stars". After about 1 hour of watching and taping, we decided to go to bed. That is when we really noticed how much it had moved from where we started watching it. It was amazing that it moved in such away. Not like anything we have ever seen, like a jet moving accross the sky etc. It started about 3:30 am until 5:00 am or longer, unfortunatly we were too tired to stay awake.