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Occurred : 9/20/2004 22:00 (Entered as : 09/20/2004 22:00)
Reported: 9/25/2004 4:10:05 AM 04:10
Posted: 9/29/2004
Location: Vlachata, Kefalonia (Greece),
Shape: Triangle
Duration:20 seconds
Triangular object with orange lights in each corner seen over Kefalonia, Greece, September 2004.

I wouldn't have believed it unless I had seen it, and I saw it: there was thunder, lightning and heavy rain. I was on the balcony watching the storm with my girlfriend, when we both saw a triangular shaped thing pass about 150 feet in front of us, the thing seemed to be only about 10-15 feet across. It has no discernable colors except for three dim orangish lights at each corner. My girlfriend continued to watch it and I ran to get binoculars, and when I lifted them to view the thing it veered to the left and out of sight. It was in view for about 15 seconds. This was not a plane, it was in contrast to what I have read since, too slow and small. It was about 12 miles from the nearest airport and not in the flight path. It was flying about 50 feet from the ground. It was not ball lightning, or any kind or ligtning. The electric lights in the apartment were flickering but only before the thing was seen, although I am sure this was due to the storm being the skeptic I am. It sounds really odd, but the thing seemed to be almost like one of those pictures that if you view it at the wrong angle it can't be seen. I'm not crazy. But it sounds like I am.