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Occurred : 9/18/2004 17:30 (Entered as : 09/18/2004 17:30)
Reported: 9/20/2004 6:35:01 AM 06:35
Posted: 9/29/2004
Location: Chicago, IL
Shape: Circle
Duration:6-8 minutes
Would it be possible they were stars?

My boyfriend was laying in our hammock when he pointed up in the sky and said what do you think those are. I said wait let me grab my glasses, and I came back outside to confirm with him 4-5 silver (we thought planes at first) objects in t he sky. It was crystal clear out and the sun was reflecting off of the objects so it was very easy to see them, but at the same time if you took your eyes off of the objects it took a few seconds to find them again. I really don't want to say it couldn't have been planes, although there were too many in the same area and they weren't b-lining like a plane would, they were just moving a little this way and a little that way. I would say they were 30,000-40,000 feet in the air, but it was so clear out that it was possible to see with the naked eye, in my case with glasses.