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Occurred : 9/18/2004 22:00 (Entered as : 09/18/1904 22:00)
Reported: 9/18/2004 6:38:27 PM 18:38
Posted: 9/29/2004
Location: Kanata (Canada), ON
Shape: Chevron
Duration:30 seconds
"chevron shaped object silently flys over house in Kanata, Ontario

In the hot tub looking up at the stars when this "huge" shadow, shaped like the brackets sign on your computer " } " flew right over our yard. It seemed very high and was completely silent, moving from northeast to the southwest. Compared to a comercial planes that regularly fly over our home, this thing was at least 10 times wider. All you could see was a grey shape gliding over our house against the darker sky and stars. There were no lights on this object but it had a glow like moonlight does on a cloud. When I first saw it I pointed and started to say look, look, look and my wife looked up and saw the exact same thing. This was no flying saucer, it was chevron shaped, and it was no cloud!!