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Sighting Report
Occurred : 6/15/1965 19:00
Reported: 7/22/2004 1:52:48 PM 13:52
Posted: 7/25/2004
Location: New Kensington, PA
Shape: Disk
Duration:3 hours
3 hours in a UFO

I was 14 at the time, skate boarding with 2 of my friends. We were coming home down an alley in the back of our house. There was an empty lot next to my house with a large elm tree about a 100 feet tall at the far end of the lot. I use to climb that tree a lot because it had a lot of branches where I could hide and spy on the people down below. As we reached the empty lot, we all gazed up, because something caught our attention. It was a real UFO hoovering above the tree line. I could see into it through a window that looked as if the blue,gray metaled UFO had opened by making that part of it transparent. There were no hard edges or frame like regular window. It was if it was all part of the ship but could make that part of it see through. As I gazed up at it, I was unbelivably exited. There were many sighting in our suburbian town through out the years and I was finally looking at one close up. Little did I know, how close up I really would get to see. I started waving at it as if to say, please give me a ride! I really did want a ride in it and I knew that they knew what I wanted. I could see two beings looking out the window at me. They appeared human. One was taller then the other. I could only see sillouquettes though. They appeared to be a darkened gray. They didn't look like the grays so often described. they just looked like regular humans pearring out at me. I could only see them from the waist up. I felt that they were reading my mind and that I could feel that I was being acknowledged when I was waving both my hands up high to get there attention. My two friends were beside me, one on each side. They were gazing up at it also. I commented to them, we are actually seeing a real UFO! They looked as if they were paralized. They didn't move at all, just staring up at it. I couldn't understand why they weren't as excited as me. They just stared at it with plain faces. I was so excited about it, that I didn't let it bother me to much. This thing had my full attention and I wasn't about to let it out of my sight for a second afraid it my dissapear before my eyes. As I shout for joy at it, I examined it close. It was bluish gray in clor except for it's underside. In the middle taking up about one third of the bottom was a round glowing reddish black, pulsating, what I formulated was it's engine. It glowed and pulsated every half of a second from a deep red to a deep black,red. It reminded me of a red bike reflector and had the same texture. It portruded out from the rest of the ship, not a lot, but made it distinct from the rest of the ship. It to looked as if it were all one piece with the ship. It was simply beautiful in my eyes. It was completely round with a domed top where the window was located half way down. It was half way down from the top of the dome to where it blended in with the main body of the ship. I could see no other portholes or marks on it. It was smooth all around and the domed top was about as high as the rest of the body. As the engine pulsated, I could see that the rest of the underside did not take on the reddish glow of the engine. It remained it bluish gray color. It didn't make a sound. It was a little errie but I was to excited to think was green little Mars men. They made me feel very comfortable as if they were my friends and would harm me. I stood there about a minute or at least it seemed about a minute. I could see both my friend on either side of me still just starring at this beautiful object. Then the next thing I remember is looking at this UFO leaving me. I was completely turned around, my two friend were now together to the right of me still looking into blank space as I was waving good bye to it. My two friends, Craig and Joey were just starring up at nothing as if they were paralized. I myself was very saddened by this UFO leaving me. I remember feeling sad but also at peace as I waved good bye to it. I felt a lonely type of feeling as if saying good bye to a good friend or freinds. The UFO was now smaller appearing because it was higher up in the night sky when I first noticed it again. I thought it very strange, because I was facing a different dirrection then my two buddies. I could see them out of the corner of my eyes as I was waving good bye. The UFO was no longer a UFO to me. I could identify it and I saw it's occupants. I knew that I was a witness to the most extroidenary event I would ever see with my own two eyes. I watched as the ship zipped away going faster a nd faster as it seemed to dissapear around a three quarter moon. It left a tracer behind it as it first went straight the curved around to the dark side of the moon. I didn't want it to go! I heard them say good bye to me in my mind as if they knew I needed that. I stood there for an instant and then turned to my two buddied. They had just awoken up from this deep trance that they were in. I reminded them again of this spectacular event and all they could say as we didn't see anything. I thought they were teasing me but they weren't. They looked at there watches and commmented that they were going to get killed for being so late. They had a curfew, where they had to be in their doors at 7:00 pm. were there at 7:00 pm, because at that time of year it got dark around 7:00 pm., but it was now 10:00 pm. and that's why they were scarred. I couldn't believe it was 10:00 pm. ((name #1 deleted)) and ((name #2 deleted)) were both on curfews but I wasn't. My parents let me stay out till 10:00 If I wanted. It was vacation time from school in the summer so I was always aloud to stay up later except when school was back in. Anyway, They told me that they had to get it or they would be in bigger trouble by their parents. As they were leaving, I said I would come over early the next mourning to talk about it. They, didn't acknowledge me, they just ran home, which was right across the alley way to their house. I went home thinking did this really all take place. My mother was up waiting for me. She asked me where I was. I told her all about what had happened. Some how we had lost three hours out there and I wasn't about to forget any of it. My mother didn't act to surprized but listened intently. I couldn't wait to get up the next morning to got to my friends house and relive this fantastic experience. I went to sleep and got up early. I went dirrectly over to Craigs house. He got in trouble and wasn't aloud out the whole day, but he did come to the door. I ask him about the UFO. HE said he didn't remember seeing it. I was beside myself. I ran over to Joey's house. He to was grounded and he to said he didn't remember seeing any UFO. Now, I thought I was going crazy. I ran home, I knew I wasn't crazy, I knew I saw it and I could notr deny it. It was clear in my mind as if it had just happened. I told my mother that my two freinds don't remember seeing it. She said don't worry about it because it had made front page news in the news paper and that several people had seen it going across the sky of our town. I jumped for joy, just knowing that I wasn't crazy and then I felt at peace again. I said see mom, I wasn't lying, I really did see it. Later that month, I started to remember other things as clear as a bell. I remembered being inside of this UFO. I was sitting on a silver colored bench. Next to me were two adults, just sitting there, starring, like my freind were when they were fixed on this UFO without moving a muscle. I said Hi to them, but they didn't say anything. They just starred straight ahead. The bench was about eight feet long and was curved around what seemed to be the roundness of the ship. It was blocked off on one end to the left. On the other side it seemed to go on following the circumfrence of the UFO. I looked up straight in front of me and I saw two humans standing in the interior of the UFO. ONe was a man about 6 feet tall and the other was a beautiful women about 5 foot 8 inches tall. They both had on silver grayish jumpsuits but was formed to their body not to loose or not to tight. I could see that it was all one piece. Even their shoes were a part of their appearal. It had the same color as the outside of the UFO. There was no collar to the suit but it was up to the neck near the bottom. She had brownish blond hair and long and flowing down to about one third her back. It was shinny and very pretty to look at. She was very pretty and she smiled at me. He was very handsome and had blondish color hair. They both had very blue eyes that were warm as they looked at me. I got up off the bench and walked towards them seeing the other two just sitting there starring. As I walked over to them the man was standing across from a wall of the dome. He was moving his hands across and down what seemed to be a panel of some sort. It didn't have much to it, but what ever he was doing was like a waving motion over it. She was standing to the right side of him and then came around toward me. She gave me a hug, which made me feel very welcome. She then moved back toward the wall and was also doing something like waving her hands over a panel. He moved away from the panel and motioned me with his hands to move to the left. As I did I could see a window. it was panoramic in shape and about waist high. I guess it was about 4 feet by 15 feet across. I could see stars. Millions of them. They were very clear, clearer then I've ever seen them. I walked closer to the window. I felt as if I were watching a movie in a movie theatre but much more clearer. I felt like I could touch these stars as they slowly moved across my view. I knew we wer moving in outer space. We must have been going very fast because the stars moved to the left and right of me as we went forward. They were like diamonds. The window was deffinately all one piece of the ship. there were no rivets or bolts of any kind. The window blended in with the rest of the ship. Even though it was rectangular in shape, it had no blunt or deffinate frame, just as it looked to me from outside the ship, looking up at it. I knew I was now in this UFO and the pilots were giving me the ride of my life. I was so excited, I just felt at peace and that these two beautiful people were ansering my request. They appeared to me a perfect people. Now, that I'm a 53 years old and very religeous, I could identify them as looking like two resurrected personages. I could see not one flaw on their faces. They seemed very happy with each other. I had the feeling that they were married and that they were husband and wife. When they looked at me, they always looked contented and that they enjoyed what they do. The window of the space ship contoured around the dome. I could feel the impression that I was in the the same space hip as I was looking at from down below. I felt very comfortable and at ease. I knew they would not harm me in any way, that they just wanted to please me. The next think I remember is waving good bye to them, not wanting to leave. I didn't even think of my family then, I was to caught up in this great venture I was taking. I often remember this incident over and over again. It ist till this day so very clear in my mind. However, I don't recall anything else that happened during my three our ride. One day I will and just hope it was a fuylfilling as what I did remember. I will never forget it and since then I have seen many sightings of UFO's, some golden egg shaped, some ball shaped and others just round. My children also have seen them many times. My daughter also had a very close encounter of one bluish shaped UFO that came right down the street when we lived in the San Bernardino Mountains. It flew right over her and my wifes head, only about 10 feet above. She said if she were as tall as her mother, she could have reached up and touched it. But that is another real story I can tell later. I know they exist. I know who they are and where they come from. I also know more about them, probably then most people know. That doesn't make me special. I have just been told and it sets my mind free to live a productive, happy and informed life.

((NUFORC Note: Date is approximate. PD))