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Sighting Report
Occurred : 9/5/1975 20:00 (Entered as : 09/05/1975 20.00)
Reported: 6/16/2004 6:23:05 PM 18:23
Posted: 6/18/2004
Location: Sonoma Mountain, CA
Shape: Light
Duration:10 minutes
On September 5, 1975 I drove up to the Zen retreat on Sonoma Mountain. My energy was especially intense so it seemed like the mountain top was a good place to go to campout, meditate and relax. The weather was beautiful and there was not a cloud in the sky. A handful of early arrivals and people who lived there gathered on the porch of the main house by the trees. We played music and sang as the sun set and the stars began to appear. Then something happened that was the most unusual thing that I have ever seen. A phenomenal bright light appeared over the tree tops between the garden and the house. Amazed and curious, I walked out from under the porch and trees to get a better look.

"Look at that light!" I exclaimed to the others as they began to notice it too.

It was awesome! We found ourselves looking at a huge, round, pure, white light as big as a mansion, hovering over the retreat. One of the men who lived there grew afraid and went into his house. I was feeling so euphoric that nothing could have frightened me.

The rest of us watched silently or whispered comments to each other. There were no other sounds; no breeze; nothing but the white light against a dark sky.

I made it a point to remember this moment in every detail.

At first the light was very close, just above the tree tops, but gradually it began to expand and move up and across the horizon toward the west. I could see was no spacecraft. It was just ‘light’ which began to fade in brilliance as it expanded. Gradually the ‘light’ individuated. Where once was a solid ‘light’, millions of individual ‘lights’ became distinct. They covered a full quarter of the sky. The lights got farther and farther away until they faded out of sight.

Aside from a few comments by the others who were watching, there were no other sounds. Neither the sound of a breeze blowing across the sky nor the rustling of leaves could be heard, for there was no wind. I saw no clouds in the sky and the moon was not yet up. I was now so dark out I had to use my flashlight in order to find my way to my sleeping bag. I would like to hear from the others who saw it with me. ((name and e-address deleted))