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Occurred : 6/3/2004 17:06 (Entered as : 06/03/1904 17:06)
Reported: 6/4/2004 1:05:35 PM 13:05
Posted: 6/4/2004
Location: Lake Country/Vernon (Canada), BC
Shape: Oval
Duration:a few seconds
Oval ball of light seen over Kalamalka lake

Well I was watching the CHBC news last night around 11:30. Right befor the weather they showed some home video of Kalamalka lake. The video was looking at the nice day when from the bottom left, near the lake a small oval ball shoot across the lens going up to the top right of the film! It moved very fast. They showed it a few times and close up and they have no idea what it is. So I called into CHBC to ask about getting a copy of this tape and it might cost around $50.00 and thats if the editor lets the tape go. Thanks. Please email me if you would like more info: