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Occurred : 5/15/2004 20:00 (Entered as : 05/15/2004 20:00)
Reported: 5/23/2004 7:05:36 PM 19:05
Posted: 6/4/2004
Location: Scarborough (Canada), ON
Shape: Other
At first I saw one small pink-red light at cloud level traveling parallel.

Full Description of event/sighting: At dusk (approx 7:50-8:00 pm) on May 15 2004, from my home in East Scarborough near Lake Ontario, looking south towards the lake, some moving lights in the sky caught my attention.

They were confined to a fairly small area of the *sky* and seemed to be at about cloud level. My guess is the lights were moving about perhaps a few miles off our shoreline, and would likely have been high enough and far enough over the lake to also have been visible from the US side of the lake. It had been an overcast day and the sky at this time was clearing. It wasn't nearly dark enough yet to observe any stars.

At first I saw one small pink-red light at cloud level traveling parallel to the ground and in a straight line moving from east to west at about the same rate as I'd expect to see planes travel. This light flashed on and off with a regular rhythm like an aircraft and was about the same size as an aircraft light seen at such a distance. It seemed to have appeared out of nowhere, then traveled west for perhaps 5 seconds and disappeared. I thought I had seen and then lost sight of a plane.

Suddenly from the very same place in the sky that the light originally appeared, and only seconds after the first light vanished, another light appeared. It was the same colour and behaved exactly like the first light, even traveling in the very same line. It too disappeared in the same manner as the first light. This behavior of a light appearing, traveling for a few seconds across the sky and then disappearing repeated 6-10 times. After a few passes the reappearing light ceased flashing as it moved across the sky. It glowed a reddish pink colour and without blinking as it moved.

The behavior of the light then changed. Suddenly the light was moving from west to east and towards the end of the sighting it seemed that there might have been more than one light in play. Just as one vanished another appeared. The direction of flight changed to a sweeping arc. The flight started parallel to the ground and then curved steeply upwards and seemed to accelerate just before disappearing. There seemed to be a distinct repetitive pattern to the flight of the light(s). As one light moved from east to west, arcing at the end of its flight, another light mirrored that pattern by flying west to east and then arced upwards at the end. The area the lights were "playing" in the sky drifted higher and a little to the east as the sighting continued. It also seemed that the activity of the lights became more intense towards the end. They appeared and disappeared more quickly and the flight pattern became more energetic. The best thought that comes to mind is it appeared that they were growing increasingly excited about something as the activity became quite hectic towards the end. The display of these lights lasted about 5 minutes and was witnessed by a friend with me at the time. His impression was that the lights were chasing each other, as in a dogfight.

The flight pattern reminded me of when you see a powerful spot light beamed in the sky circling and moving about, starting and finishing its routine in the same place every time. These lights were a lot like what you see when you use a red laser pointer, except the colour of the lights in the sky were less intense red than a laser, rather being an almost pink sort of colour. Since the cloud cover was quite thin at this time it's unlikely that some sort of laser was beaming around on the cloud cover (If it was an extremely powerful laser I would have seen the lights fade in and out as the beam struck thin patches of clouds. The lights I saw held intensity as they flew across the sky before vanishing suddenly.) There was no sound accompanying this sighting and I think the flight behavior was too radical for normal aircraft. The speed and turns were not something I've ever seen planes capable of doing, particularly without making sound. The regular flashing of the lights in the beginning was aircraft-like, but the reddish-pink colour was unusual. I got the feeling while watching the lights that I was seeing glowing objects, something without mass (like the spot made by a laser) rather than a solid aircraft.

In such an urban area as this I can't imagine that my friend and I were the only two people to have seen this blatant display of something quite unusual right out in the open and in daylight. Surely our beaches and boardwalks, which provide a perfect view of the southern sky, were busy on Saturday after dinner and many people could have seen this event. I've checked into all the major local news sources, newspapers, radio and local TV news and haven't seen a mention of this event. I hope to learn what it was that we saw, or at least hear accounts from other witnesses.

Thank you to the witness for the report.

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