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Occurred : 3/1/2004 19:00 (Entered as : 03/01/2004 19:00)
Reported: 5/12/2004 5:52:49 PM 17:52
Posted: 6/4/2004
Location: Avalon, CA
Shape: Oval
Duration:5 mins
Round, tall craft over Catalina Island, two teardrop black crafts inter-weaving with another at low altitude

We were coming home after a fishing trip to Catalina Island on the backside of the island. It was getting dark, so we decided to head home. We were on a 22ft center console fishing boat. As we turned the eastside of the island and started heading toward the Angels gate in LA Harbor, I looked to the west and noticed a circular craft in the air at approx. 5000 ft to the north side of the island ( which is actually the front side). I have been very interested in the UFO Phenomenom for 15 yrs now and have spoken to people concerning the subject. However I never had a sighting. That is why when I looked up at the object in the sky I kinda questioned it immediately. It was circular, but taller. I had extremely bright lights around and on top of it. I watched the object while I held on to the boat( as we were coming in, approx. 14 knots.) It seemed to hover moving eastward, moving along the frontside of the island. I couldn't believe that what I saw in the air was not a craft that I could describe. My brother's a private pilot and we have no problem identifying airplanes and blimps (Goodyear Blimp right down the street). I am a space enthusiast as well so when this object appeared, I was downright purplexed. What the hell is that?, I said to my self. As I said in the duration, I watched the object for a few minutes and then said to the captain and my brother who were also on the boat, "hey look at that". Immediately the captain said "that looks like a UFO". I almost fell out because he shared the same interpretation as I did, without me bring up the UFO possibilty. He was driving the boat and it was getting dark so his immediate focus was keeping the boat safe, nevertheless, I kept watching the craft. Before I knew it, the craft shot straight up into the sky extremely FAST and then disappered. I HAVE NEVER SEEN ANYTHING LIKE THIS BEFORE. If this was a real sighting , I saw what everyone is talking about. Please understand this is not a hoax. I would never spend my time li! ke this over something that did not happen. I just saw a report of the Mexican 11 UFO's all over the news and it inspired me to report this.

I also have another incident to report, that I experienced traveling south on Pacific Coast Highway in the City of Torrace, CA. I was coming home from my business and was going home which is in Harbor City. This was approximately 6pm and was in late 2003, before the daylight savings time change. I was driving normally, traffic on PCH was normal and I had just passed Crenshaw BLVD. As I got to Pennsylvania Ave, I noticed three lights coming from the east going westbound, like they were on approach to Torrance Airport. As I mentioned, my twin brother is a private pilot and achieved his license at Torrance Airport, so I am very familiar with the traffic of planes coming in for landings. I could help but notice that the two lights on the outside were much brighter and the center light seemed very normal in it's brightness. I thought "wow, that guy is coming in very low". I followed the lights as they were coming toward me as I traveled east on PCH. Then the lights shifted like one wing was turning completely over to the otherside, vice versa. I thought the plane was trying to do an upside down manuver, therefore shifting ( I'm doing my best to describe) or doing a manuver that would have the lights flip over, like doing a barrel roll. Right then the I could see that there were now the two bright lights were in front of the normal light. They were only 400 ft above and as the lights came to the leftside of my truck I could see two TEARDROP Black shaped crafts, with one extremely bright light on the very front of the vehicle. I could not believe what I saw resembled the early versions of a UAV or a sleath teardrop craft, but it did make sense that these vehicles would be right there on PCH. These vehicles were now inter-weaving with one another and boom they took off almost instantly! Then came the private plane, probably a Cessna or Mooney. This ws so off the wall, I could not explain it. I told my family about the sighting but that was it. I know I never saw any stealth aircraft in the area, an! d have been next to one before. This was not an F-117, but a formation of two teardrop shaped craft. This was real for sure. Please let me know if there were any sightings of these crafts in my area so I can know whats going on.

Remember guys, I'm not joking here. This is not some student joke or a false report. This was real and will stand behind everything I have said.