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Occurred : 12/27/2003 14:30 (Entered as : 12/27/2003 14:30)
Reported: 5/3/2004 7:14:14 AM 07:14
Posted: 5/4/2004
Location: Myrtle Beach, SC
Shape: Disk
Duration:10 minutes
Two circular object with morphing interchangeable colors, definetly discs,emanating blue green light.

On the afternoon of Dec 27th, 2003, while sitting and talking to a man on the bench near the ocean In Myrtle Beach South Carolina about 500 yds from the ocean, there appeared in the sky above and to the west a disc approximately the size of a slightly oversized silver dollar. Above it and to the upper left hand quadrant was a smaller one about the size of a nickle.

I observed the object kind of floating with the wind which was moving from SW by W (I'm A sailor and am very cognizant of wind direction and speed.) I commented that it looked like someone's balloon had gotten either loose or out of control.

What made me think it was a balloon was the fact that it looked like a target, circular in shape with an orange center and a black perifory. This color combination changed from black out side to orange outside and as that happened the black moved to the center.

I assumed I was looking at some sort of prismatic plastic balloon that changes colors as it changes angles to the light source.

Then something happened that made me realize this was not a ballon at all, because it stopped and hovered for a bit then it began moving into what would have been the winds opposite direction. The smaller one did the same thing also. The two of them moved in a floating manner and there were no sudden or quick movements.

At this time both the man I was talking to began to realize we were looking at something entirely new to both of us.

However about two minutes into this sighting the large circle went up on it's side turning the target like image on end. It was at this point we realized we were looking at a disc. There was no dome it seemed to be a flat disc with only a small thickness in proportion to it's size. After about a minute more in this position it again went circular and turned once more to the side Now we saw a glittering flash indicating that we were looking at something metallic.

It flashed momentarily then went on it's side at this point the colored side would have been facing away from earth with the shiny side down.

There was an instant when a blue green light best described as aquamarine in color emanated from the circular disk in a cone like manner,and completely around the disc, so much as we could discern form the angle we were looking at it. The light seemed to be widening as it shone down towads earth. This lasted for about two seconds.

Meanwhile the two objects still close enough to be observed without having to look from one to the other, the small one went up on edge and we lost sight of it never agan to see it.

After the larger one exhibithed the light phenomenon, we saw it return to it's original orange and black colors and still the colors seemed to bleed into one another and exchange places black inside orange outside and vice versa, kind of reminded us of a lava lamp.

By this time we noticed another course change the large one still it's approximate original size began to change directions and again going with the wind began to move out over the ocean. We watched it turn from circle to flat and back to circle. all the time this object was not hurrying.

We both agreed that we were watching something totally new to us, then without so much as a change in course the orange and black circular disc facing us back on the beach and still at this time the size of a quarter just absolutely and completely disappeard before our eyes.

We tried to guess the height of the objects we were looking at,but since we had no way of knowing what size it was we couldn't accurately describe the height . There was no relative size to compare it with . However based on the size of one to the other and comparing the two we thought perhaps if one of the object s the larger one was at 3ooo feet the smaller one would have been perhaps 5ooo We could only guess.

The sky that day was crystal clear not a cloud, or a mist or anykind of sight inhibiting thing that would have caused us an illusion of any sort.